2M2 Magic Tank Probe Cannot Read House/ Residential Key Correctly Solution

Customer problem:
I have downloaded the newest 2M2 Magic Tank APP. I select cut by bitting function to cut 2 keys, but all fail.

1.Cut the first key problem:
I select cy24.d88 flat key two sides 8 cuts and put the key on the machine and fix it. When i start reading the key to be copied, the probe is on the top and does not read correctly.

2.Cut the second key problem:
Probe don’t read correctly where begin the key

Eobdtool.co.uk engineer replied:
The first one is for decoding house key, but the option you chose is for vehicle key, not for residential key.
The second one is which decoded no-cut key, and it cannot decode the no-cut key by 2M2 Magic Tank key cutting machine.
If you want cut house key or residential key, please use universal key duplicate as below
Path: select [Universal key duplicate]-> [Flat key two sides], then follow the instructions on Magic Tank APP to operate.

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