OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Ford Radio PinCode Query by OBDSTAR APP

Now OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus C Package Full Version (Key Master DP Plus) can support Radio Pincode query by OBDSTAR APP on Android phone. It has been tested on Ford M Serial (4 Pincode) M017666 successfully.


Operation guide:

Make sure the OBDSTAR APP is installed in the phone before the operation, and ensure the network is normal.


Main steps to check Radio pincode:

  • Bind OBDSTAR device and APP
  • Check PinCode on OBDSTAR APP
  • Verify Pincode on radio


1.Bind OBDSTAR device and APP

Plug the 12V 2A DC Charger into X300 DP Plus, and connect device with an available WiFi

obdstar x300 dp plus ford radio pincode query 1

In OBDSTAR tablet:

Tap Settings>> VCI Info >> Device QR code network required


Tap Me >> My device >> Device binding

Scan the device QR code with the Android phone, and click “TO BIND”

Bind successfully, the product name and serial number are the same between device and APP.

The related member benefits also can be seen on the screen.

obdstar x300 dp plus ford radio pincode query 2 obdstar x300 dp plus ford radio pincode query 3


2.Check PinCode on OBDSTAR APP

The number of the radio can be determined by the label on the module.

If the model is unknown, you can open the cover to determine the specific model of the module on the chip.

obdstar x300 dp plus ford radio pincode query 4

Run OBDSTAR APP, tap Airbag/Dash/ECU/Radio icon>> Radio Code>> FORD>> M Serial (4 Pincode)

obdstar x300 dp plus ford radio pincode query 5

It will show the related support models, radio code conversion method, radio picture, and enter pincode method, which help users to operate easier.

  • Radio code conversion method:

Enter the 7-digit SN to convert the Radio Code

  • Enter pincode method:

1).Switch radio ON

2).When it displays “……”

3).Press preset “1” repeatedly for 1st digit

Press preset “2” repeatedly for 2nd digit

Press preset “3” repeatedly for 3rd digit

Press preset “4” repeatedly for 4th digit

4).Press preset “5” to enter the code

Follow the above method to type the 7-digit SN of Ford radio at the top of the screen

And click “INQUIRE” at the bottom

Inquiry is successful, and the Pin code is read out.

obdstar x300 dp plus ford radio pincode query 6


3.Verify Pincode on Radio

The Ford Radio is on and displays “……”.

Input the number of pincode on radio directly

The radio can be adjusted normally.

obdstar x300 dp plus ford radio pincode query 7

It’s successful to inquire the Ford Radio PinCode with X300 DP Plus Key Programmer and OBDSTAR APP.

Video Guide:


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