Original Xhorse VVDI Benz BGA tool Feedback – do all key lost on w212.

Original Xhorse VVDI Benz BGA tool Feedback – do all key lost on w212.

User 3abas27 feedback:

i test password from 212 new model super

good tool need pay 2 tokens

need 10 min all ok

User didi_du_93000 feedback:


sure it can do all key lost on w212 as the same as Mehaco /nec pro51/ mercedesinstrument, but cheaper.

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Question: So what about w204 w207 w246, can BGA tool do all key lost?

Answer: W204 and w212 eis are different. Yea on fbs4 nothing can be made. But 2010 w212 is fbs3.. so all keys lost sure is posible on this model..W204 facelift has fbs4 and it comes without esl/elv so another way to distinguish it.

Parts of 2014 & Mostly model of 2015 (and after 2015)is FBS4,currently cannot support FBS4 type.

User can Auto detect the EIS.if can detect the type but can’t read the EIS data,should be FBS4.

Question: Does it support erase keyless-go rom08 or so?

Answer: yes it work already done 20 of them i had in stock

Question: How do you actually connect them? The socket diagram is a bit confusing. My adapter 1 is different than in pic.

Answer: i have the old adapter

i believe the new adapter socket needs the new firmware which will be released soon

are u able to read V51 and V57 by ur socket if so , then u can , u just need to twist the socket , so if u read v51 , twist the socket and read the V08