Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool Questions and Answers (hot)

This post firstly collects one user’s review on Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool then post some users’ questions and answers from Xhorse Company engineers. Hope it helps you.

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User’s review

VVDI MB BGA Tool product no so expensive why not ask mi and nec prog 57 and diagsped lower price minimum 6000 euro with price between 100 and 200 eurp password calculation

when this tool come our with accepted price all ask about free password calculation

I am sure that this tool will be number 1 in market

I had vvdi2 is very powerful tool

Also get vvdi bga

Thanks to x horse company

I,test nec soket for reading KEY ROM 57 nô problem

just when need write not possible

via Ir Is ok

About Password:

Currently user with condor machine can get free once/day.if not, need to pay for 35usd once.

only online get Key Password need to pay,other online calculation all free and very fast.

Customer questions and answers:


Just wondering what is the procedure that we need to do when we have all keys lost for a w204 and we got a new ezs from dealer or other ?

How to adapt it to the car and also how to edit the pass because it’s at virgin state (factory state) ?

Device will automatically generate keys and also make a password ?


Currently version W204 all key lost steps:(user should buy a new EIS first)

  1. Read EIS data via obd,then Save EIS data
  2. adapt ESL:Read ESL data->Get Erase Password->Renew ESL
  3. Change new EIS, Load EIS data(step1)->write Key Password(enter manually and at random)->Write EIS data
  4. Personalize W204 ESL
  5. Load EIS data(with Key Password)->Prepare Key File
  6. Input new Key to device IR reader->Load Key file->write
  7. Insert new Key to EIS->EIS will learn the new key->key learn success


Got you Samic , but what to do if we do not have the old ezs that have all the keys lost?

In some case we got the car with stolen ezs.

If EZS is brand new from dealer we can choose the pass , but the procedure will be also the same if we got an used ezs with working key and made renew only the password step will be different , am’i right ?


about without old EIS,you can get data from ESL.

you can get key hash/track from ESL,then enter EIS data,but haven’t tested with this method.

later will add function then you can get data from ECU.


Why need to renew EIS ???

With other tool we do not need to that !!

Also I do not understand when we have a all keys lost situation and we make transfer of hasch data from old to new or reneewed ezs we have to renew also elv?

with necpro,MI we do not need to renew elv if we make transfer data from old to new ,we only do that when we make a grey key to adapt Brand new EIS not renewed.

In the videos there s something i do not understand is at the moment when the guy put password its real pass or just choosed randomly?

If the ezs is not new but renewed and have working key (because we always need to have a working keys to make renew !!!) what would be the procedure ?

We just read old ezs hasch data and adapt them to the renewed ezs using the password exacted before from the working key that belong to this renewed ezs?


for W204 change new ESL( programming new ESL),you should renew EIS first,this is the standard method.

later we also will support “not need to renew EIS”.

about all key lost,the Key Password manually at random.

“If the ezs is not new but renewed and have working key (because we always need to have a working keys to make renew !!!) what would be the procedure ?

We just read old ezs hasch data and adapt them to the renewed ezs using the password exacted before from the working key that belong to this renewed ezs?


What I mean is : when we read the hasch data from old EZS (w204) that have all keys lost , we type the pass randomly and after that we write those data

(hasch and pass) in the Brand new EZS , right ?

So my question are :

1- What will be the procedure if instead using BRAND NEW EZS we use renewed ezs that also have a working key?

2-Can your tool renew ezs (w204) without having a working key ?

3- Are your tool able to get password from EZS FSB3 without having a working keys (EZS W166, 212, 246) ? like MI ,Diagspeed and necpro57 are able to do ?

4-Are your tool able to get password from old EIS that have motorolla like w203 w211 etc… ??

5- Can your tool repair ELV (w204) that have fatal error AA or when we need to change the internal motor (close and open elv)?

Also in your manual you say no need to desolder nec chips from keys (51 or 57 ) to get password ,what do you mean please?

And why we can’t use SKC to make calculation? i do not speak about BGA keys !!

Not all tool need to renew ELV when changing EZS if all keys lost !!


1.Renew the old eis,load eis data,and write in.prepare key,load key file, write in new key.

2.Support renew eis(w204)without working key,only need key pass. erased pass.

3.Support get password without working key,it’s very fast, currently We are building a new server for lost all key EIS

4.We support get password from all CAN Protocol with working key support, old Kline not support now.It will be added in future.

W209, W211 with can protocol can get password via password calculation

  1. Now we don’t support repair w204 elv with AA error.This function is under developing

Get password from keys v51,v57 means if the EIS is CAN protocol,we can run password calculation to get key password, no need desolder

You can use SKC to make calculation key file, we provide HC05 file format when you save EIS file.


But there still something i did not understand language problem i think:

1-How is possible to get the key pass if the EZS have no working key ? As i know we can only get the pass from a working key.

2-When we get a used ezs with working key I have to read the pass from working key to also get the dealer password to be able to renew it, right?

So when we use an renewed ezs that have a working key we have to adapt hasch data from old ezs (all keys lost) to the one renewed using witch password???

The one we got from the working keys that bellow to the renewed (replacement) ezs ?

Or the pass we entered manually at random after we read the hasch data from old ezs that have all keys lost??

Because as far I know we can choose the password only if we use a BRAND NEW EZS NOT RENEWED!!

Renewed and brand new are the same?? i do not think!!


  1. For lost all key,we are researching a new type for password. The specify EIS type is under testing.will be released soon
  2. yes,we can renew the old eis with working key. For the EIS with working key(key A),after you write old eis data to the renewed EIS,key A will never work. The new key password can be random as you want.

Renewed and brand new all can use random password, it is none about old working key,it is new password for the lost all key car

Other questions and answers

Question: If need change ESL to new one need obligatory renew eis?

Or need only write data EIS to ESL and push personalize?

Answer: such as W204 change new ESL (programming new ESL), you should renew EIS first, click on Personalize W204 ESL, it will auto adapt with EIS.


Work with W906?


yes, currently support W906,you can refer to User Manual V1.0 next version User Manual will come asap.



Got mine today read the key in the IR as V57. Removed the NEC chip from the key and placed it SSOP adapter and software would not read it. Kept saying “NEC Adaptor with wrong socket type”


about V57 via NEC adaptor support read and renew,not support write currently.after few days will support.

this is the adaptor connection diagram photo,will add in the next version User Manual.

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