Renault EDC17C42 TC1767 Read/Write with Foxflash on Bench Success

Foxflash ECU Programmer Customer Problem:

I can’t read id and flash?

Renault Trafic 1.6 Bosch EDC17C42

Tried via obd and also via bench mode, always same? Have this message: ERROR !!! contact support engineer replied:

It cannot read via obd if there is no vr file in server.

double check wiring and voltage.

Foxflash will R/W in boot as well.

You may have problem with ecu.

Many customers read and write renault EDC17C42 by bench mode

R/W OK, Checksum OK.

Need to use Foxflash Bench Box, connect the power adapter to Foxflash or bench box are OK, there is no difference.

foxflash read write renault edc17c42 tc1767 1 foxflash read write renault edc17c42 tc1767 2


Reanult/Nissan TC1767 EDC17C42 Pinout to Foxflash ECU Chip Tuning Tool:

Pin Q4, D1: +12V (Red)

Pin J3: Brown

Pin H4: White

Pin H1: GND (Black)

Pin A1: CAN-H (Blue)

Pin A2: CAN-L (Orange)

To read and write use the following driver:




-> EDC17 C42

foxflash read write renault edc17c42 tc1767 3

If Foxflash ECU Tool read Renault EDC17C42 ECU on bench OK, but failed to write with the error “OTP sector not writable” as shown below.

foxflash read write renault edc17c42 tc1767 4

The possible cause is that your file is bad.

Bad file tried to write the original file and see if all is ok.

Do checksum manually.

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