SVCI 2019 SVCI 2020 Special Functions Instruction

SVCI 2019 and SVCI 2020 have become more and more popular with many users. At the same time, some users gave feedback that they don’t know much about which car models can perform special function using these two Original SVCI ABRITES Commanders. Here will explain it clearly.

SVCI 2019 Abrites Commander Special Function:

1.SVCI 2019 only has upgraded the three software of VW, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

2.None of the other models has been upgraded or new models have been added.

3.The new software of Volkswagen, BMW and Benz support the corresponding car models till 2020. But it can only do basic function, not special function.

-Basic function such as diagnosis, clearing fault code, reading data stream and action test. All these can be done.

-Special function such as programming, making keys, odometer correction, firmware protection, etc. These cannot be done.

SVCI 2020 Abrites Commander Special Function:

1.SVCI 2020 has upgraded all car models and added three new models incl. Daihatsu, Suzuki and Land Rover.

2.All models are supported to the latest model.

-SVCI 2020 only supports special function for Daihatsu, Suzuki and Land Rover.

3.Other car models cannot do special function. Only supports basic function and special functions of the old model before year 2014.

4.VVDI software also hasn't been upgraded, it’s still old.

Note: If you want to do basic function, please use the newest software.

If you want to do special function, please use the old software.

e.g. There are three versions for Volkswagen, incl. V18, V24 and V37. V18 and V24 belong to the old version which can perform special function, while V37 is the new version which can only perform basic function so far.

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