TOPDON ArtiPad I 12″- Good Investment for Big Repair Shop


TOPDON ArtiPad I is a good investment for the big repair service center because it can perform full system diagnosis on a wide range of car models, perform ECU programming & coding for BMW, BENZ, AUDI, FORD, VW as well as 11 Special Reset Functions etc.


TOPDON ArtiPad I features:




Ultra -Fast


Let’s go one by one:

  1. Multifunctional: full-system diagnostic + ECU Programming + Special Functions

1). ECU Programming & Coding for BMW, BENZ, AUDI, FORD, VW

Now in-car computers and software are one of the leading needs for automotive service, with the OBD II and the modern Hybrids and EVs expanding at an exponential rate. Updating software may be the only way to fix some of these issues: Drivability, Fuel Efficiency, Power Loss, Fault Codes, and Durability of Mechanical Parts.

Coding – also known as Teach-in Program and Component Adaptation, used to reprogram adaptive data for vehicle control modules after repairs or replacements of vehicle parts;
Reprogramming – download newest version of software subscription from the online server database through internet access, and reprogram the software version to vehicle’s ECU.

ArtiPad I, equipped with the best possible coverage for online programming, supports the ECU Programming & Coding function for the most common vehicle makes on the road – BMW, BENZ, AUDI, FORD and VW. Combined with the APP, the diagnostic tool provides you with the extreme ease of vehicle maintenance.


2). Full-system diagnostic on Extensive Vehicles with Topton ArtiPad I

Extensive Car Coverage – the diagnostic tool is available for over 133 1996 and newer US-vehicles, 2000 and newer EU-vehicles and more with a full set of adapters, which is an excellent choice for talented DIY enthusiast and professional mechanics;
Intelligent Diagnosis – you can easily get the VIN information of the vehicle and have a deep diagnosis through Bluetooth communication between the ArtiPad I handset and VCI connector;
Local Diagnosis – the scan tool enables you to enter the vehicle selection page and perform the Quick Test to access all the ECUs and get a detailed report about vehicle health, System Scan to scan systems installed on the vehicle, or System Selection to manually select the test system and function;
Remote Diagnosis – the diagnostic scan tool helps technicians get instant messages and remote diagnoses for prompt technical support, making the repair job getting fixed faster;
Diagnosis History – this scanner allows you to directly access the previously tested vehicles to resume from the last operation, without the necessity of starting from scratch.


3) 11 Special Reset Functions Helps More Repair Works Done

Oil Reset Service – reset the vehicle service mileage for the engine oil life system;
EPB Service – reset the brakes after replacement in Electronic Parking Brake system;
SAS Service – perform the calibration for the Steering Angle Sensor and reset memory;
ABS Bleeding – perform bi-directional tests to check the Anti-lock Braking System;
TPMS Service – Retrieve the sensor IDs and perform TPMS replacement and sensor test;
Gear Learning – perform tooth learning for a car equipped with Delphi engine and turn off MIL;
IMMO Service – disable a lost vehicle key and program the one or more replacement key fob;
Injector Coding – make the cylinder better identify injector after ECU or injector is replaced;
BMS Service – clear the fault memory of original battery and perform the battery matching;
DPF Regeneration – clear the particulate matter captured in the Diesel Particulate Filter;
Electronic Throttle Position Reset – make initial settings to throttle actuators and returns the “learned” values stored on ECU to the default state.


  1. Ultra -Fast with Advanced Hardware Configuration

For your best user experience and highest work efficiency, ArtiPad I diagnostic tool is built with multitask-capable Android 5.1 operating system, 2.0GHz 8-core processor for working much faster than competing devices, 64GB hard disk (expandable to 128GB via memory card) for better performance, and 12 inch touch screen with a resolution of 1920*1200P for easy operating and easy-to-read results.


  1. Bluetooth Wireless communication

Annoyed by the cables when diagnosing vehicles? It’s fine. ArtiPad I scanner will help you perform diagnosis freely around workshop via the simple Bluetooth connection between the ArtiPad I handset and VCI which is used to read the vehicle data and then send it to the handset. Now, you can experience the limitless wireless diagnosis within the working range of 80ft in an extremely fast and stable way.


  1. Instant Remote Technical Support

ArtiPad I has the Repair Info application which provides users with a vast database of repair and diagnostic tips along with proven filed fixes. It’s easy to look up the information you need in Automotive Technology Handbook, Repair Case, Operating Skills, and DTC Lookup. Moreover, you can send help requests in Feedback and get Launch remote diagnosis to quickly get your repair works done.


Topton ArtiPad I Question and Answer:

Question: Does this tool read and display emission data?

Answer: Yes, it can do I/M readiness and O2 sensor test which will help you pass the emission test.


Question: is it wireless?

Answer: Yes, it comes with VCI connector. You can experience the limitless wireless diagnosis within the working range of 80ft in an extremely fast and stable way.


Question: Does the artipad I do tpms?

Answer: Can do TPMS reset but can’t do TPMS activate / relearn / programming


Question: Can this reset parking sensor assist?

Answer:  Yes.


For more, read Topton ArtiPad I User Manual


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