Autel md802 review (video)

Autel md802 review:

The MaxiDiag Elite MD802 is part of the Autel Professional Series.  

It’s actually great value for money given that it can scan all the modules in the car.  Of course there is a bit of a learning curve you will have to go through as you learn how to set up all the options, but once you get the hang of it, its easy to use and the results are fast.

Why is this such a good tool?

What makes this unit stand out above the rest is that it does more than just scan the vehicle. You’ve got fully customized scanning options, you can zero in on just the transmission, the power train, the cars ABS, and full body scans. You can narrow down to the make of the vehicle, which is so much better than some of the other diagnostic tools that just give you a general report, or that aren’t compatible with the wide range of makes and models that this one is. Once it reads the codes, it also lets you reset them, which can really save you a lot of money.

Who should consider buying this tool?

The Maxidiag Elite MD802 will also suit someone who loves maintaining their own vehicles and is a bit ‘techie’.  In days gone by cars were easy to work on at home.  Then with the advance of technology it became a bit harder to do it all yourself unless you have a tool like this that can read ALL the codes for ALL the modules.

If you are unlucky enough to have a car that seems to keep setting off warning codes then this could cost you well over $100 just to get the code reset at the repair shop.This unit would soon pay for itself.

This tool is good enough for a small repair shop to have as a lightweight portable alternative.  It’s also going to be great value for anyone that has to maintain or service a fleet of vehicles.

If you are in the used car sales industry, buying used cars is always risky, but using a diagnostic tool like this one reduces your risk considerably for a comparatively small amount.

If you are in the collision repair business this is a handy tool for clearing airbag codes and other traction codes.

Trying to replicate MB Star transmission temp monitoring in real time. Will this unit monitor ATF fluid temps in real time?

Answer: I have bought this model and used it successfully to monitor the ATF in real time. This was required when flushing the ATF on my Renault Laguna (2002).

Question: Does it come with a briefcase or a bag to protect when not in use?
Answer: It comes with a plastic briefcase to store and protect unit when not in use
Paul Wever

Question: Autel MD802 or Innova 3160 , which one is the best?
Answer: Autel md802

Question: Will this work on 2012 Sprinter 3500?
Answer: The scanner will read the OBDII codes but doesn’t have support for there systems.

Question: hello can this scanner be used on nissan b15, b14, b13 , nissan xtrail if so what are the step needed to be done thank you .

Answer: I expect it will have limited to NO use on B13 and B14 but moderate to very good use on B15. Xtrail will only have proper functionality with this tool if it is designed for the USA market. This tool only fully supports USA diagnostic protocols for vehicles made after 1996 and very limited functionality with prior year… see more

Question: I have narrow my options to Autel MD802 and CareCar C68, which one could be the best ?
Answer: I’m not familiar with the CareCar. My MD802 has been outstanding for reading all of the modules in multiple cars.

Question: Can this tool display live data of sensors such as values of ABS sensors or signals from TPMS sensors, or is this just a code reciever and reseeter.

Answer: Yes, i have used it to display live abs data on 01 crv, and tpms on 08 bmw 3 series and live O2 sensor data on 97 rav4. I can see wheel sensor data change but Disconnect from crv above 5mph on my vehicle but easily reconnects. Not a big deal for my for i can varify they all work and are in sync

will Autel MD802 read abs codes on 2001 dodge dakota

Answer: Yes it will . From 1996 and up . So your good.

Question: Does this model is multilanguage? If it’s multilanguage Does it has Spanish language included? Thanks a lot.

Answer: I believe it is, there is a language selection screen .

Question: Is there a more complete model or is this the full version? How many versions of md802 is there? Thanks!
Answer: I returned my MD802 as I could not get it to read or clear ABS codes on 2007 BMW 328I. I called Autel three times and e-mailed twice. Autel gave no reason why the MD802 would not work on ABS on BMW.

Question: Would “Autel MD802 MaxiDiag Elite Scan Tool” work well on a Peugeot 306 year 1998, 81kw, 1761cc, Sagem SL96Psa; sold in Europa? Thanks – Vincents

Answer: I do not have experience with a Peugeot. However, have yet to find a car model that is not covered. Strongly recommend you talk directly to Autel personnel. The guys I have talked to are very knowledgeable about the products.

will it clear srs light on a 2002 Mercedes 240k?

Answer: It will but a lot of times, unless you fix the issue, the code and light will come back immediately.

Question: is this the 4 systems or ALL systems model?

Answer: Hello,It is all system model with data stream

Question: Is this a genuie Autel product, updatable via web?

Answer: Yes, however many people (including myself) have had issues with incredibly slow update sequence (hours to update just a few programs), and the device only comes with a 1 year subscription to the update site. Any updates after that year you have to re-subscribe.

Question: Will this reset oil service change?

Answer: yes it can and will the only issue ive had with it was the updates which I have learned you must take the sd card out and use a computer to complete all updates im very happy with this tool

Question: Doe this work with international vehicles?

Answer: I use it on my 4Runner which is made in Japan. It also has German and Korean options- so the answer is yes

Question: Will this will work with a Chevrolet traverse 2009 i dont see any traverse in autel site pdf list

Answer: I believe so. I just used it on a 2009 Gmc Acadia
By Scott on October 25, 2015

Question: Does this will scan a Chevrolet traverse 2009

Answer: no idea I work on mercedes and bmw

Question: Autel MD802 or Innova 31703 , which one is the best?

Answer: Cannot fairly answer this question. Have not used an Innova 31703 meter. What I can say however is that I have had good experiences with the Autel MD802. Only car has not worth with 1987 GN.

Autel MD802 DS Vs Autel MD802 Original: