Toyota Diesel Diagnosis & Key programming, which OBD tool?

A Toyota Hilux Vigo 2009 user contacted our engineer to look for an all-in-one OBD tool that can diagnose, program immobilizer and program keys etc for Toyota diesels (as well as some other diesel models like Tundra V8, Land Cruiser etc)
Recommendations: here would give you proper recommendations.
1) Pre-2010 ToyotaDiesel


Toyota OEM Denso Intelligent Tester IT2 for Toyota And Suzuki now released to latest version 2015.08.
 Multi-Languages: English/ German/ French/ Spanish/ Italian/ Chinese
1) Denso diagnostic tester for Toyota, Lexus and Suzuki will enable you to diagnose control system for engines, ABS and airbag, even through CAN-diagnosis communication to read code, clear code, data flow, action testing and guard against theft initialization function.  DST-2 with Voltmeter and Oscilloscope not only communication basis diagnosis (Diagnostic code, ECU data monitor, Active test), but also voltmeter and oscilloscope detect alteration in the electric signal to find out the troubling part.
2) DST-2 will program keys for Lexus / Toyota1999 even all key lost.
3) Toyota Denso tester will also program ECM/PCM.
Toyota IT2 doesn’t work with Hybrid vehicles.
Denso tester covers parts of North America Suzuki. If you need to do rest Suzuki, better choose GM Tech2 scanner.
2) 2010-Up Toyotadiesel
For Toyotadiesel 2010 after diagnose & programming, better to choose VXDIAG MULTI diagnostic tool for TOYOTA + HONDA + LandRover/Jaguar JLR 3 IN 1.
The original Allscanner VXDIAG Multi tool comes with 3 software and it is compatible with original software.
Toyota: V10.10.018
Honda 3.014
LandRover, Jaguar Version V141
Multi-language: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, French and so on.
VXDIAG Multi tool support both 12V and 24V gasoline and diesel car and support 4-way CAN BUS and 2-way K – Line/L-Line.
It has the full capacity of diagnosing, immo programming and key programming.