Toyota & Lexus Denso (achieved)

It is worthy to buy a Toyota Intelligent Tester II? I will tell you from my experience.
I have Toyota Rav4 2008 and Lexus SC430 2010 in my garage. I had myself own a Xhorse MINI VCI cable. But the Tecshtream cable limits the data recording to sets based upon controller so doing an engine, transmission, and battery study is all but impossible. And cheap ELM327 Bluetooth OBD code reader has no data output or recording capability. So I go for the Denso tester.
I have the Toyota Denso Tester ordered and within 1 week it was delivered. The package came in an aluminum case, with the latest software (2015.04) and costs include delivery costs euro 331 (275 euro + shipping 56 euro).


It does not look like it was a replica. Origiunal Denso IT2 is from Japan, mot less than 1000 euro, that’s way too much for me. Meanwhile came with almost everything electronically from China, Korea, or in short: Asia. A multi-meter and an oscilloscope are integrated in the tester.
The included software only runs on the Intelligent Tester and contains the data for the individual models of Toyota/ Lexus and Suzuki. Obviously, I have not Suzuki to test.
I find my self a simple manual book to refer to:
The intelligent tester will automatically detects my cars (can also manually enter the VIN). I have tried and work our other functions. I had almost all motors and lights on / off (active test) runs without the motor by clicking. Of course, perform diagnostics, DTC (OBD) codes reading and deleting and not only standard OBD codes but just the very specific vehicle codes by accessing to electronic control systems of engines, gearbox, ABS, airbags and many others.  It was able to successfully identify an error code (exhaust system) and delete.
Then I cheeked the comfort settings that can actually set with this unit. Change the comfort setting, remote sunroof/windows closing OK, disable TPMS OK, auto lock OK, remote control no problem.  But I did not see the Daytime running lights (DRLs) options in SC430. Rav4 did. I have not tested the (variable-ratio steering) of my SC430, so I can you not say with certainty that this initialization function is provided in the program for Lexus, but I suspect so.
After playing around with it for a while, I even tried to re-program ECU’s. The device was able to force the regenerate the DPF for Rav4. The dealer page says it will program keys. I have no change to test it yet.
I am still learning this device. Upgrades are available at any time via the TF card. No matter who built the thing, it works flawlessly.
My suggestion is that if you are a DIYer or Toyota/Lexus diagnosis newbie, then you go for the Xhorse MINI VCI cable. If the MINI VCI could not meet your demand, then get the good clone Toyota Intelligent IT2 tester. I am not dare to comment on Suzuki makes.