VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool Review

Customer’s experience of VNCI 6154A Clone:

Just wanted to share my experience with VNCI 6154A as I could not find it on the forum if anyone has successfully tested. It may help someone waiting to get a genuine one in the meantime.

vnci 6154a vag diagnostic tool review 1

I can confirm it works with ODIS 11 running original drivers without any modifications to drivers.

Seems to work fast without any disconnections and displays the voltage, auto scan took less than one minute to complete.

Haven’t tried flashing any modules yet!

In addition, there is an option to change the serial number in the VNCI firmware update tool.

The default serial number for VNCI 6154 is 7 digits, which can be changed once for free. You can change it to a randomly composed 7-digit ID. It supports all Volkswagen and Audi cars. If there is VNCI 6154A upgrading firmware version to, support ODIS Service Version V23.



Password: 8888

Software version: ODIS V11+ PostSetup

Password: 1688



If you don’t know how to download with Chinese Baidu Netdisk, please contact customer service to help download ASAP.


The original ODIS Service V9.10 or above diagnostic software or ODIS Engineer V14.1 or above engineer software must be installed before using.

The original factory driver cannot be replaced, and third-party ODIS drivers cannot be installed.


If you are the first time to change VNCI 6154A Serial Number for ODIS online coding/programming, please read the instructions below carefully.

1. Users should have an original ODIS device with genuine S/N.

2. Must enable internet connection for S/N changing

3. Require one or above point to change serial number (1 point= 1 S/N)

Each VNCI 6154A VAG diagnostic tool comes with one free point, and users only have one free opportunity to change serial number with the point. The serial number you want to change must be coordinated with S/N of the original equipment.

If you want to change the 2nd serial number, you have to pay for recharge points. Contact our customer service for point price.

How to Change VNCI 6154A Serial Number for ODIS Online Coding/Programming?

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