How to Change VNCI 6154A Serial Number for ODIS Online Coding/Programming?

2023 VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool covers all functions of the original VAS 6154A incl. DOIP/CAN FD protocol, online function, coding and programming, etc. for 1995-2023MY+ VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Bentley and Lamborghini. To make the online account can communicate with the original VAG factory server, so the serial number must be changed as original one. The online function can be used after verification of the original factory.


Requirements to change VNCI 6154A serial number:

1.Users should have an original ODIS device with genuine S/N.

  • If the original device is broken/damaged, you can add the original S/N to VNCI 6154A to perform online coding/programming. Don’t need to buy a new original equipment (save money).
  • If you need to carry out for outdoor work, the original device is not required to take out, just switch S/N in 6154A VNCI and you can do online coding/programming outside.

2.Must enable internet connection for S/N changing

3.Require one or above point to change serial number (1 point= 1 S/N)



If customer only has a vnci 6154a without the original equipment, the serial number also can be changed, but the precondition is the customer has to get the serial number of the original equipment on your own, and then write into vnci6154.


How to change the serial number of VNCI 6154A?

Each VNCI 6154A comes with one free point, and users only have one free opportunity to change serial number with the point. The serial number you want to change must be coordinated with S/N of the original equipment.


If you want to change the 2nd serial number, you have to pay for recharge points. Contact our customer service for point price.


Quick guide to change serial number:

Connect VNCI 6154A diagnostic tool and computer via USB cable, wifi or WLAN local area network to enable network (click here to check the connection method).

vnci 6154a odis online coding programming guide 1

Select Change Serial Number function

Check the available points, make sure you have one or more points, then input the new S/N (original device S/N), and press Change S/N to complete the process.

vnci 6154a odis online coding programming guide 2


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