VVDI Key Tool Plus MQB NEC3526/3525/3532 Dashboard Connection Methods

There are two methods to read VW MQB NEC35xx IMMO data with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad: by Lift PIN diagram and by Cut PIN diagram. Here are the connection methods about MQB NEC3526/3525/3532 dashboard.


1.VVDI Key Tool Plus MQB Dashboard NEC3525 Lift Pin & Cut Wire Tutorial:


2.Xhorse Key Tool Plus Read MQB NEC3525 Locked IMMO Data and Add New Key (by Lift PIN diagram):

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3.Xhorse Key Tool Plus MQB Dashboard NEC3526 Cut Wire Tutorial:


4.Key Tool Plus MQB Dashboard NEC3532 Cut Wire Advanced Tutorial:


The assistant tools recommended:

Scaling powder, hot-air gun, enameled wire, gummed paper, electron microscope, tweezer and operating knife with pointed tip


*This function needs to connect with network. Make sure the network connection is normal.


Main steps to read MQB NEC35xx IMMO data:

l  Remove the dashboard from the car and take out the PCB board

l  Function menu path on Key Tool Plus:

Tap IMMO Programming>> VW>> Select by type>> MQB instrument immo system>> instrument- MQB (VDO/JCI- NEC35xx lock)>> Start programming>>Select Programmer reads files>> Read NEC35xx chip

key tool plus mqb nec35xx dashboard connection methods 1 key tool plus mqb nec35xx dashboard connection methods 2 key tool plus mqb nec35xx dashboard connection methods 3

l  Find the connection diagram of NEC35xx chip and finish the operations according to the wiring diagram

l  After cutting, solder the Xhorse MCU V3 Cable onto the PCB board following the diagram

l  Then you can read the MQB dashboard data to generate dealer keys and key learning with VVDI Key Tool Plus directly.

After reading, restore the PCB board.



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