VVDI Key Tool Plus Read Benz W164 EIS Data with Godiag GT100

Confirmed! GODIAG GT100 can be connected to Mercedes-Benz W164 EIS on bench and read EIS data with VVDI Key Tool Plus.

The reason to use GODIAG GT100 OBDII ECU Connector:
GODIAG GT100 not only can connect to a simple control unit, but also multiple control units. When we add keys or program new keys when all keys lost and we don’t have the Mercedes-Benz test lines, we can use GT100 to connect. If the number of lines on the main harness is not enough, the banana heads can be used to draw its definition lines to connect with EIS control unit. If you are skilled and have a better understanding of the wiring diagram and lines, then GT100 is actually very convenient for your job.

All devices required:
Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus
GODIAG GT100 OBD II Break Out Box ECU Connector
Mercedes-Benz W164/ W204 W207 EIS
Desktop or PC
vvdi key tool plus

Step-by-step guide:

1.Connect devices correctly by the wiring diagram
Connect a gateway or gateway simulator
Then connect the EIS and gateway to GODIAG GT100 to see if it can communicate
The related EIS wiring diagram can be found in Key Tool Plus or other Benz key programmers .
The two plugs on the diagram mean the two pugs on the EIS, there is OBD pin
The pin line is in front of the gateway
Then follow the wiring diagram to connect properly

Enter the VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad
Select “By the system”-> “Read EIS”-> “Auto detect (CAN)”

Then it will detect out the related EIS type
Select “Read EIS data”-> “OBD”
xhorse vvdi key tool

Read out the data successfully

For your convenience, watch the video carefully to learn more.

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad All-in-One Programmer:

Godiag GT100 OBD II Break Out Box ECU Connector plus BMW CAS4&CAS4+ Test Platform: