VVDI Key Tool Plus Programs BMW CAS4 Key with GODIAG GT100

This post comes with how to program BMW CAS4 key with VVDI Key Tool Plus and GODIAG GT100.

VVDI Key Tool Plus
GODIAG CAS4 test platform
CAS4 module
vvdi key tool plus

1.Connect VVDI Key Tool Plus with GODIAG CAS4 test platform, CAS4 module and GODIAG GT100.
2.Turn on the power button of GODIAG GT100 and CAS4 test platform.
3.Put the working key into GODIAG CAS4 test platform and we’ll add a new key.
4.Click “Immo Programming”>>“Europe”>>“BMW”>>“Automatically diagnose models”>>“Begin”.
vvdi key tool plus bmw

5.When VVDI Key Tool Plus is communicating with CAS4 module, GODIAG GT100 CANL and CANH indicators will flash.
6.Choose “Generate keys via OBD”>> “Read key information”.

7.When it’s reading the key info., GODIAG GT100 CANL and CANH indicators will flash too.
8.Now we can see that the information is read out, 3 keys have been programmed, click “Continue”.