VXDIAG VCX SE DOIP VS VNCI 6154A, Which is Better for VAG?

VXDIAG VCX SE DOIP 6154 and VNCI 6154A, which one is more suitable for the VAG company? Which one is the cheapest scanner to use ODIS?

vxdiag vcx se doip vs vnci 6154a 1

Here is the review from YOYO Diagnostic.

I have two laptops and both of them come with Intel 7 generation 8G RAM.

One is from ThinkPad, and one is from Dell.

First, plug the VCX SE into the OBDII port of the vehicle. It’s very fast to communicate.

vxdiag vcx se doip vs vnci 6154a 2

Start the diagnostic function.

Select the car model: Audi Q5 2009 2013 (D) SUV CGLC 2.0I TDI/130kW

vxdiag vcx se doip vs vnci 6154a 3

When you don’t have a connection, you should know your VCI and try to change DOIP.

vxdiag vcx se doip vs vnci 6154a 4

If you have a license, you can use it two times. The VNCI 6154A diagnostic tool doesn’t have these things. You can use them and don’t renew the license.

vxdiag vcx se doip vs vnci 6154a 5 vxdiag vcx se doip vs vnci 6154a 6

The guide is more curious because both of the programmers should do the same work.

Actually, it doesn’t matter if one is faster, another is slow. The most important thing is that it is what he can bring to you which performance he has.

The VXDIAG VCX SE has all licenses, and VNCI doesn’t have all these licenses.

VCX has a few issues with benve car with ECU. It’s really good and fast.

Then try to plug the VNCI6154A into the vehicle to test

Select the car model the same as using VCX. It’s also fast to use.

vxdiag vcx se doip vs vnci 6154a 7 vxdiag vcx se doip vs vnci 6154a 8 vxdiag vcx se doip vs vnci 6154a 9

In conclusion:

Both scanners are equally good and offer the same performance. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

VCX SE 6154, it is a little more expensive and you have to renew the license every 2 months, but you can add other licenses and it can be used with other car brands. If you want to use for more cars and brands, you should go for VCX. It can do programming and coding perfectly as well.

VNCI, it is cheaper and does not require updating the license, it is very fast when it communicates with the car, but you cannot add other licenses.

Just choose the one you desire depending on your budget and the vehicle you want to do.


WiFi VXDIAG VCX SE DOIP 6154 (€151):


VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool (€113):


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