What is GODIAG GT109 DOIP-ENET Cable?

GODIAG GT109 DOIP-ENET Cable is available at eobdtool.co.uk now. This newly released cable is designed for BMW, Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Land Rover, Volvo, Geely, and other vehicles that support DOIP protocol/communication diagnosis, programming, and coding. As it’s equipped with voltage display and low voltage alarm, it’s better and more convenient than the regular BMW ENET cable to check the current vehicle voltage and avoid storage battery damage or programming module bad, which can save your loss.

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Godiag ENET Cable works well on VAG MLB & MQB platform, new Bentley, Lamborghini and 2022- Audi models. 

  • MLBEVO platform:

A4LB9, Q5L, A6C8, A7, A8D5, Q7 ok

2021 A3L, A5, Q8, E-Tron, Q5etron, Q4 ok

VW ID3 ID4 ID6 ok


  • MQBEVO platform:

2020-2022 Golf 8 ok

2021-2022 TALAGON ok

2020-2022 A3L ok

2021-2022 Teramont ok

2021-2022 Teramont X ok

2021-22 Skoda Octavia Pro ok

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GODIAG GT109 DOIP ENET Cable can support many BMW vehicles below:

-Series 1 (2004+)

-2 series, M2 (2013+)

-2 Series ActiveTourer (2014+)

-2 Series GranTourer (2015+)

-3 series, M3 (2005+)

-4 series, M4 (2013+)

-5 series, M5 (2003+)

-6 series, M6 (2003+)

-7 Series (2008+)

-8 Series (2018+)

-X1 (2009+)

-X2 (2018+)

-X3, X3M (2010+)

-X4, X4M (2014+)

-X5, X5M (2006+)

-X6, X6M (2008+)

-X7 (2019+)

-Z4 (2009+)

-I3 (2013+)

-I8 (2013+)

-Mini MINI (2006+)

-Toyota Supra (2019+)


Currently, GODIAG GT109 DOIP-ENET is compatible with BMW Software incl. E-SYS, Bimmercode, ISTA, ICOM, Bimmerlink and a few more.


Only BMW Software can be used on Mobile Phone or Tablet Pad: Android and iOS devices with USB Type-C Connectors, including many Samsung models, iPhone 15 and newer iPads.

Note: the USB Type C Connector is not contained in the GODIAG GT109 DOIP-ENET Cable package. 

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How to buy software from BIMMERCode App?

1.Download BIMMERCode App from Apple and Google App Store

2.Purchase the related software in the BIMMERCode App you desire directly

For example:

Open BIMMERCode App, click “Connect” to enter the main page

Select Body Domain Controller>> Auto Start Stop function memory

Or select Active Sound Design>> Active Sound Design Deactivation>> Deactivated>> Active Sound Design Deactivation>> Code

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GODIAG GT109 DOIP-ENET Diagnostic Programming Cable (2 meters long, only €19):



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