What is Xhorse VVDI TOY-BA Cable?

Xhorse VVDI TOY-BA Cable is available at eobdtool.co.uk now. It’s specially designed to work with VVDI Key Tool Max Pro, Xhorse Toyota Mini OBD Tool (FT-Mini OBD Tool) and VVDI Key Tool Plus for 2022- Toyota BA IMMO type new key adding and all keys lost.

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BA is a type of Toyota 8A anti-theft. The Xhorse tool reads the key P4 page and displays it as BA. Toyota’s new cars after 2022 are basically of this type.


Which 2022-Toyota car models are supported by VVDI TOY-BA Cable?

  • Yaris GR 2021-
  • Weilanda 2021-
  • 4Runner 2022-
  • Asia Dragon 2022-
  • Rav4 Prime 2022-
  • BZ4X 2022-
  • Rav4 PHV 2022-
  • Sienna 2022-
  • Venza 2022-
Brand Year Board Number P4 Note
Harrier 2022- 3041 BA /
Venza 2021- 3041 BA /
Sienna 2021- 3041 BA /
Tundra 2022 3041 BA /
Levin 2023- / BA /
Sequoia 2023- 3041 BA /
Guangqi Venza 2022- 3041 BA /
RAV4 Dual Engine E+ 2021- 3041 BA With A/C button
GRANVIA 2022- 3041 BA /
BZ4X 2021- 3041 BA /
Land cruiser 2022- 2050 BA /
Prius 2023- 3041 BA /
Lexus NX 2022- 6100 / RF432
Lexus NX 2023 6100 / 312-314
Lexus LX 2022- 0010 / RF432, new PCBA


How to use the VVDI Toyota BA Cable?

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The Xhorse BA Cable comes with three parts- J1, J2 and J3.

J1 is connected to the Xhorse device.

J2 is connected to the OBD2 port of car.

J3 (white plug) is connected to the Toyota smart box.

Note: The smart key box is usually under the passenger storage box or above the driver brake pedal.

You can check the diagram in the Xhorse Key Tool Max Pro.

what is xhorse vvdi toy ba cable 3


Xhorse Toyota BA Cable FAQs:

Q1: What equipment does the Toyota BA special wiring harness need to be used with?

A: Key Tool Plus can use this cable, or you can modify the wiring by yourself with the 8A full loss adapter.

Key Tool Max Pro and FT-OBD TOOL for Toyota can only use this wiring harness for BA, and there is currently no other solution.


Q2: Can Key Tool Max use Toyota BA cable?

A: KEYTOOL MAX alone cannot use the Toyota BA wiring harness because KEYTOOL MAX does not have an OBD interface and can be connected to FT-OBD for use. However, the original version of MINI OBD does not support it due to the hardware reasons.


Q3: Will this work with the VVDI Key Tool Max and OBD2 dongle?

A: No, only work with KeyTool Max Pro, KeyTool Plus and FT-Mini OBD Tool.


Q4: Is there no need to check the password when using Toyota BA wiring harness?

A: No need password.


Q5: Can it bypass pin code?

A: Yes, it can.


Q6: Can Xhorse Toyota BA cable add key 2023?

A: Yes, some of 2023.


XHORSE KD8ABAGL Toyota BA All Keys Lost Adapter:



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