Will Autel Scanner Stop Working after Subscription Ends? What Still Works?

Will Autel scanner stop working after subscription ends? Here eobdtool.co.uk collects the answers from Autel Official, and a popular Youtuber who tested the functions on Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS (its upgraded version is MP900TS), MaxiCOM MK808Z, and the MaxiCOM MK808Z-BT in this demonstration to find out what happens to an Autel without subscription. Autel scanner subscriptions can be expensive. So, it’s crucial to understand what features will remain accessible and which ones won’t, particularly if you don’t intend to renew your subscription.

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Here is the Autel Official Answer:

Even if you choose not to renew your software, your Autel diagnostic scanner will still function properly. Diagnostic and service capabilities are still on your tablet; no software has been removed. All manufacturer-related software updates downloaded on your tablet and VCI are still present. All Android and Autel MaxiSYS firmware are present and functioning as before.


But depending on the make, model, and year of the vehicles you are servicing, you may need an active Autel subscription to get the job done.



More and more vehicle such as those from Stellantis (including Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Maserati, Peugeot, and Ram), Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Volvo, and others, now mandate a server connection for performing even the most basic diagnostics, testing, and services on their latest models. This requirement stems from concerns surrounding security, software integrity, and control.


To address these concerns, the SGM (Server Gateway Module) has been introduced to prevent unauthorized access and actions to vehicle systems and components. While diagnostic software can still read codes without authentication, its capabilities are limited beyond this point. In the past, some technicians resorted to using bypass cables, but this method often proved less than ideal as it required dismantling the dashboard to access the harness and plug in the cable.




Autel and other aftermarket scanner manufacturers have adopted a more sophisticated solution for securing system access known as AutoAuth. This verification system allows registered tablets to seamlessly pass through the SGM (Security Gateway Module) and perform diagnostics and services. Technicians can create an AutoAuth account and register their Autel tablets for a fee of $50 per year. Each tablet is registered with AutoAuth using its serial number, and AutoAuth communicates with the Autel server to verify the tablet’s authenticity. Pete Meier from Motor Age has produced a helpful video on this process titled “Dealing with the Gatekeeper,” which provides valuable insights.


Similarly, other vehicle manufacturers have introduced gateway modules and telematics systems with enhanced security features. These vehicles must connect to the Autel servers to access authentication services and software provided by the OEMs subscribed to by Autel.




The renowned Topology feature on the MaxiSYS Ultra series tablets necessitates an active software subscription to access the server. This subscription enables users to retrieve OE-subscribed vehicle-specific communication networks and module information essential for populating the vehicle topology displayed on the tablet comprehensively. VIN Scans performed with an active subscription (server access) tend to be more accurate compared to those conducted offline due to access to this critical information. With an active subscription on your Ultra, 919, or 909, you gain access to the Remote Expert platform. Through this platform, you can engage with experienced programmers and diagnosticians equipped with OE subscriptions and OE tools. They can assist you in programming modules or provide OE software and data for newly released vehicles not yet supported by Autel’s software.



An active Autel subscription enhances the efficiency of your tablet and VCI. It often includes streamlined and optimized protocol software tailored to the unit’s hardware. If you encounter connectivity issues with a vehicle, consider updating the software on your VCI.


Additionally, software updates for tablets go beyond providing late-model coverage or developing service hotkey functions. They also enhance functionality (speed, processes, instructions) and introduce new features, such as bi-directional controls on the MaxiCheck tablet or report printing and sharing capabilities on all tablets.


The opinions of Youtuber @ DIYAutoworksNG:

He worked on a 2017 Honda Accord.

The first function he tested is to read codes on his three Autel diagnostic tools as mentioned at the beginning. All system scan was working without any issues. He still had access to all modules.

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The second function he tested is the special function-ABS Modulator Bleed. He was able to go into the procedure as far as possible an only stopped short at the final step simply because he didn’t go to be bleeding ABS module at that time. It also showed the function worked.

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The third function he tested is 2 active tests under 2 different ECUs in the car.

First starting with the Engine Control Module, where he was able to activate the radiator fan without any issues. And then switched to the Body Control module, he was able to lock all doors, and unlock them as well.

Some users mentioned issues around reading, printing or sending report via Email. So he was still able to read the historic diagnostic report on all devices. He could generate the PDF file. The only reason he hadn’t printed the report was that he didn’t have a WiFi printer nearby.

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But basic basically as a rule of thumb, if a function, reset, or diagnostic procedure requires you connecting to Autel server, or a function is labeled “online” such as online coding. This function will be limited and won’t work at all. You need an active subscription to connect to Autel server.

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Additionally, Volvo added a firewall to their recent cars (from 2018), since the vehicles used the newer diagnosis over internet protocols. Having a firewall essentially mitigates against hacking the car. The firewall is probably part of what is at play, but the code reading shouldn’t be restricted in any form.

He ran a full system on a 2003 Volvo XC90. It was amazing that the number of codes that this car had.

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It’s strongly recommended to backup your Autel scan tool, so that you can get out of the situation that you cannot scan any vehicle after subscription ends.

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