XTOOL X100 PAD3 Program Toyota INNOVA CRYSTA Fortuner All Key Lost

Q: Which key programmer can add smart key to Toyota INNOVA CRYSTA or Fortuner when all keys lost?
A: XTOOL X100 PAD3 is a good choice.

Xtool X100 PAD3 (X100 PAD Elite) is a professional tablet key programmer which not only provides customers with key programming but also supplies advanced 16 special functions. With KS-1 Key Emulator, it can support Toyota/Lexus/VW/BMW Key Programming and All Key Lost till year 2020.

Here is the Toyota key type has been tested by XTOOL X100 PAD Elite with KS-1 simulator:

No. vehicle Year Key type Support or not  Remarks
1 RAV4 2015 88 Yes
2 Alphard 2013 94 Yes
3 Alphard 2015 A9 Yes
4 Previa 2008 94 Yes
5 Crown 2010 98 Yes
6 Crown 2015 A8 Yes
7 Crown 2016 A8 No After 2016, Toyota crown is not supported
TANGO, K518 even rival products are not
8 Prado 2011 98 Yes
9 Previa 2013 94 Yes
10 Reiz 2011 98 Yes
11 Innova   39 Yes The car is being tested for 
the Indian Tango

Guide to add new key to Toyota INNOVA CRYSTA /Fortuner:

->> Connect X100 PAD3 tablet and the car’s OBD port via the main cable and OBDII-16 adapter (or other relative connectors)
->> Connect X100 PAD Elite and KC100 by the USB cable

Switch ignition on position, then enter software as following steps:
Select “Immobilization”-> “TOYOTA”

Agree with the disclaimer
Select “All smart key lost”-> “Read Immobilizer data”

Press the start button once
Input a file name to save the immobilizer data read out

Backup the EEPROM data successfully

Generate emulated key
Make sure to connect X100 PAD Elite with the network normally.
Select the backup immobilizer file
It will show the current key type.

Getting “calculation results”…
Activating KC100…
Checking version information…
Put the simulated smart key into KC100 adapter

Generate the emulated key successfully

Put the KC01 on the start button and press 4 times
Select “Add key”

Please kindly notice:

This program supports 94, 98, 88, A8, A9, 39 smart card generation. Some old models (such as ore-2010 Relz) have a smart card type of 94. Please select the [Smart key system] menu to program smart key, some models cannot read immobilizer data after 2010, it is temporally not supported.

Attach the generated Toyota KS-1 simulator smart key to the start button until hearing a beep sound, and then put the key on the start button.

Program new key successfully

Xtool X100 PAD3 Plus Xtool KS-1 Key Emulator [UK Ship No Tax]:

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