Maserati MDVCI Diagnosis with Panasonic CF19 Guide

Maserati MDVCI comes with second-hand Panasonic CF19 Laptop (Windows XP system) and V1.46 software which is pre-installed and can be used directly. It supports diagnosis, matching, programming and maintenance functions for almost Maserati till the year 2016. Here will explain how to use the software.
maserati mdvci

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Connect MDVCI scanner to the vehicle’s DLC via the OBDII cable, and connect to computer via the USB cable
Step 2: Run Maserati Diagnosis EVO software
evo software

Step 3: Accept the disclaimer
Click on “General” and select “Change language”
mdvci change language

There are 8 languages available: Italian, Spanish, French, English, German, Japanese, Korean and Chinese

Step 4: Select the desired MDVCI and press the go button

Step 6: Close Maserati Diagnosis EVO application
Open Maserati Technical documentation
Step 7: Select the language you desire
Step 8: Select Maserati or Alfa Romeo
Step 9: Select the corresponding car model

Cover SD2 / SD3 Until 2016
3200 GT (3200 GT)
Ghibli (M157)
Gransport (Gransport)
GranTurismo (M145)
GT (M138)
Quattroporte (M139)
Quattroporte (M156)
Quattroporte MY (M139 MY)

Step 10: Select the corresponding car area

-such as Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Japan, Middle-East, Taiwan, United Kingdom or USA

Step 11: Select the car system you want to diagnose
select the car system

Check more Maserati Diagnosis software details, please watch the video carefully.

Maserati MDVCI Diagnosis Vehicle Communication Interface with CF19 Laptop:

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