2016 Cadillac ATS BCM Pin Code Reading by OBDSTAR Key Master

Have 2016 Cadillac ATS BCM to read pin code by OBDII, the best tool is OBDSTAR key master (Also named X300 Pro3 sold on Eshop)


Car info: 2016 Cadillac ATS BCM


Tool to use

OBDSTAR key master

X300 Pro3 full package(Another name of key master and sold on the Eshop)

X300 DP


First, attach a video for you to see this process:



Open OBDSTAR key master, go to option “Vehicles”.




Choose “GM”.


Choose “GM V31.02”.


Loading… Initializing… Authorizing…


Choose “Read Security code”.


Choose “By OBDII”


Choose “By BCM system”


Choose “Auto”




Choose “Read password”


Logging…Reading password


Password is read out as 4907


Next is to show how to read the GM pin code manually. 

Press the red button “Enter” and it displays “Read password”, press the “Esc” button.

Press the down button to choose “Manual”, then the “Enter” button.


Read message “BCM type: Continental 70F3558 +95320 (25320).”


Choose ” Continental 70F3558 +95320 (25320)”, press “Enter”.


Read password.




Reading password successfully, it is 4907.


Therefore no matter what method to use obdstar to read the pin code on GM Cadillac ATS BCM, the result is the same.