2020 Ford Mustang All Smart Keys Lost Programming by Autel IM608

It’s 2020 Ford Mustang. The car owner lost his all car keys. So we’re going to use Autel IM608 to program new key to it.
2020 Ford Mustang key

The procedure:
Connect IM608 key programmer, MaxiFlash JVCI and the car properly
Make sure the internet is good
Select IMMO>> FORD>> Manual Selection>> USA>> Mustang>> 2020- >> Smart Key
Confirm the vehicle profile

Select Hot function>> All smart keys lost (guided)

Make sure IM608 tablet has connected to Wifi successfully, and it’s normal that the instrument panel turns black when performing the function.
The function will delete all learned smart keys, just go to continue
Confirm if is the alarm active, then go to next step
You must use 1 12V power supply to power the VCI, otherwise the function may fail.

Then open the driver’s door. With the door open, use a screwdriver to set the door latch to the closed and locked position (as if the door was closed and locked), keep the door in this position until the keys are programmed.

Instructed to disconnect and reconnect the vehicle's battery. Tool will attempt to silence the factory alarm when the battery is reconnected. Follow all steps carefully. You will have a choice later in the process to erase or add keys.

Open the cup holder slot and put the key into the hole for programming

After the process of disconnecting battery is done, connect the battery back to the car. In the background the tool will attempt to gain access. Upon reconnecting, the alarm will either stay silent or continue to sound. The goal is silence. If the alarm does not silent, disconnect again and wait 10 seconds to reconnect. Do this until the alarm is silent. It may take a few tries.

Tighten the battery and close the hood

Reading the data…

Wait the process is done.
OK! That’s how to program smart key to 2020 Ford Mustang all keys lost by using Autel MaxiIM IM608 key programmer.