Autel IM608 Add New Remote Key to 2018 FORD RANGER

Purpose: Program 2018 FORD RANGER remote key chip 49 hi tag pro by Autel IM608 via OBD.

Car key: original key & blank key
Device: Autel MaxiIM IM608 auto key programmer

This remote comes with chip: 49 433Mhz

Connect J2534 ECU reprogrammer (MaxiFlash) to the vehicle by OBDII cable
Then connect to IM608 key programmer  via Bluetooth
Turn ignition on
Enter IM608 tablet main menu
Select Ford-> Manual Selection-> Ford-> Europe-> Ranger-> 2015-2019

From the IMG above, you can see Autel IM608 can program key till 2020 now.
Detected the vehicle info

Select Blade Key-> IMMO Status Scan

There is no fault code detected on BCM and ECM
Number of programmed keys: 2
The specified minimum number of keys: 2
Press Add Key

Please pay attention to the Add key notice:
If the factory alarm of the vehicle is activated, you need to deactivate the factory alarm firstly before you can learn the keys.

To de-activate the factory alarm:
Close all the doors, open the drivers’ door put any prox key in the reader slot (if it’s a keyed ignition insert the key in the ignition and turn it to the on position), wait about 10-15 minutes before you will hear 2 chirps from the vehicle then the factory alarm is deactivated, and you need to learn the keys immediately (in 1 min).
Note: This procedure will not erase existing keys.

Insert the key to be learned and turn the ignition on

Notice: It is normal that the instrument panel turns black when performing this function.
Security accessing…
Wait about 3-10 minutes…
After 3 or 4 minutes… Learned keys: 2

Turn the ignition off
Insert the key to be learned and turn the ignition on
Learning key…
Learn the key successfully, current number is 3

Click No to continue
Rescan new status
Now the current key is 3 and found 1 fault code

Check the fault code and clear it

Rescan the IMMO status again, now no fault code found

Finally, use the new key learned to start the car and test the remote, all work perfectly

Autel MaxiIM IM608 diagnosis IMMO key programming with XP400 and J2534 ECU reprogrammer No IP Limit (UK Ship No Tax!):

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