Autel MaxiIM IM608 Key Programming on BMW

For anyone who wants to know how to program a BMW key with Autel MaxiIM IM608, you will find the answer in the following post.

1.When disclaimer of software appears, press “Accept”, then search “BMW”>>“System selection”
im608 system selection

2.Click “Read” to obtain VIN Parsing VIN>>“OK”
im608 get vin

3.Yes”>>“ESC”>>“System selection”>>“Immobilizer”>>“CAS4/CAS4+Immobilizer”

4.KeyOperation”>>“Key Learning”>>“OBD Learning”>>“OK”>>“OBD Read SK”.

5.Press “OK”>>“OK”again.

6.When downloading the programming file is finished, press “OK”.

7.When reading the password is successful, press “OK”.

8.Select a free slot and press “Write key”, then put the new key to start coil.

9.When writing key is successful, press “OK”.

Start the engine and you can test the programmed key freely.