Hyundai Santa FE 2010 AKL Programming by Autel IM608 Success

This is a successful demonstration on how to add two new keys for Hyundai Santa FE 2010 by Autel IM608 when all keys lost.

Let’s start it from the key decoding.

LISHI Decoder
Autel MaxiIM IM608
Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 key cutting machine
MINI Key Tool
XSKF01EN smart key

Step 1. Make key blades
Get door key bitting by LISHI Decoder.
Use Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 key cutting machine to make two blades.

The keys can only open the car’s door.

Step 2. Generate transponder
So now we’re going to generate remote by VVDI MINI Key Tool.

Vehicle Remote>>Hyundai>>Santa Fe>>Elantra KeylessGo ID46 433
Insert the Xhorse XSKF01EN smart key into the coil and press “Generate”.

Step 3. Read PIN code
Now into the car.
Open the Autel IM608.

IMMO>>Hyundai>>Manual selection>>Europe>>SANTAFE (CM)>>2010-2013>>Smart Key
Confirm the vehicle information and enter the main menu.
If anything puzzles, here select “Vehicle immo information” to check the key information and OBD position.

Then press “Immo status scan”, because we need to clear the DTCs first.
After scanning, select the fault one and select “Clear DTC” to clear the DTC as the prompts.
On scanning interface, press
Read PIN>>Read Pin code(46 Smart card)>>Read Pincode by OBD
Here it will say that the function only supports vehicles with 46-chip smart card.
Follow the prompts.

Then we have the password.

Step 4. All key lost programming
Back to scanning interface, press “All keys lost(guided)”.
For step 1, it will erase all existing keys.
Insert the smart key to be programmed into the card slot

For step 2, enter the password we just read.
For step 3, we can repeat the step to add keys.

Install the proximity key into XSKF01EN key.

Now we can start the car with the new key.

Complete!Nice work!
As you can see, very professional works and user-friendly guided procedure.

Masterpiece from Meseum’s locksmith service.
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