Autel MS908 diagnose Land Rover Evoque 2014 reset Service Interval

This is a guide to fully diagnose 2014 Land Rover Evoque L538 and reset Land Rover Service Intervals using Autel MaxiSys MS908. Hope it helps!

Autel MS908 scan diagnose Land Rover Evoque full systems

Connect Autel MS908 with Land Rover Evoque via OBD port. Power on Autel MS908 and using the search box choose “Land Rover”.

Click “Automatic Selection” then “Read”, it will automatically read car VIN and vehicle information.

Choose “Diagnosis” function on main menu.

Then choose “Auto scan”.

Now Autel MS908 will diagnose all control unit modules and show error numbers for Land Rover Evoque!

Just wait the process complete 100%.

e.g. When scanning finish, directly click the ABS fault and “Read codes” to view DTC fault codes “C003A-07”, “U0001-82” details.

And click “Erase codes” to clear ABS DTC, or back to “Auto scan” menu click “Quick erase” button to clear error codes for all modules!

Autel MS908 reset Land Rover Evoque Service Intervals

Go back to main menu and choose “Service” function.

Choose “Maintenance” and “Not fitted”.

Choose “Service interval reset”.

Follow the tips: Turn car ignition on (To position 2), click “Yes” to continue.

Now just wait it complete. Autel MS908 successfully reset 2014 Land Rover Evoque Service Intervals!

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