Autel Product FAQ And Answer (Hot)

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First, the software and the serial number of binding:

1. Availability: models with SD card requires registration on the website, download the software by connecting Autel server machine itself or PC Suit, software and serial number binding, no one from the other machine copy software, SD card can not be mixed Otherwise, there will be licensing issues or wifi mac mismatch.
2. Models involved are: DS708, Maxisys, Maxisys mini, Maxisys Pro, Maxisys Elite, TS501, TS601, MD701, MD702, MD703, MD704, MD802, MOT PRO (EU908), AL609, AL609EU, AL609, AL619EU,  OLS301, EBS301, MaxiCheck AbsSrs, MaxiCheck DPF, MaxiCheck EPB, MaxiCheck Oil Reset, MaxiCheck SAS, MaxiCheck TPMS, MaxiCheck Pro.
3. related problems and solutions: When free software upgrade period expires, if the customer software can not use some software problems, there are two ways:
A. Please SD card inside the original backup software to your computer or other storage device, follow these software can be directly copied to the SD Card directly.
B. If there is no backup before, please upgrade fee launched one year to download the software and all other software, including all software updates within a year.

Two, SD card there is a problem how to do?

1. Problem: SD card unknowingly damaged or lost, causing the machine to boot prompt SD card is damaged or Please insert SD card.
2. Workaround: re-purchase a new SD card, through PC Suit download the upgrade. Ruoyi over upgrade period, you can copy the software before the backup to the new SD card; without backup, please buy upgrades.
3. Note:
A. Please do not plug the SD card in the case of a machine powered, easy to damage.
B. If the SD card is lost, and this serial number is not registered, you can contact Technical Support ask License serial number to complete the registration upgrade.
C. If you are prompted for a SD card or SD card is inserted, the SD card slot may be damaged, plevase repair.

Third, the product upgrade steps:

1. Maxisys series: to Maxisys — Update page, select the need to download the software directly.
2. DS708:
3. Other models can be registered:Software update Instructions (PDF)
4. do not need to register the product:
Model: AL301, AL319, AL419, AL439, AL439B, TS101, TS401, AL519, AL539, AL539B, MV208, MV400.
Step: The Setup CD inside, as MaxilinkII installed PC, go to the official website download the corresponding upgrade, run maxilink II, select just downloaded the upgrade program to upgrade. Specific steps Reference Manual Update section.

Fourth, discontinued models:

MS301, MS310, MS409, MS509, JP701, EU702, US703, MD801,Maxi Recorder, Maxi Tester, TS301, EST201, GS500, Oil Reset Tool.

Discontinued product updates were not available, last updated software can download from this website Old Products section:

Aftermarket Frequently Asked Questions:

First, the regional car OBD supported:
Europe: in 2006 only after support OBD;
Americas region: in 1996 only after support OBD;
Asia: in 2009 only after support OBD.

Second, the software prompts Wifi mac does not match how to do?
1. If the software has been able to normal use, the sudden appearance of this error, please click on the page to see whether Wifi open, click wifi if no response, restart invalid, it is likely that wifi module is broken, needs repair.
2. When prompted to confirm a single software or any software. If only a single software problem, just delete re-download; if all the software problem, make sure all the software within the SD card through the correct Autel ID download from, and not copied from other SD card.
3. If everything runs correctly, still prompted this error, S / N and Wifi mac address pictures sent to Technical Support to check Autel product management website information matches.

Third, the registration fails how to do?
The most common cause of failure registration is the registration code input errors, please note that the registration code is 6 digits (can be found from the About screen), rather than the customer’s own set of login password. If the registration code confirmation, still prompt the product does not exist, set the serial number and registration code interface camera to technical support, product management site to check whether the information matches. If you find website information and machine information does not match, please send IT Chen Qichuan machine image correction.

Fourth, the product has been registered, but the boot still prompt the serial number is not registered, you can not upgrade.
This problem is usually due to the DS708 machine hypervisor older cause, please insert the machine via PC Suit can download the latest System Program, then the SD card.

Fifth, the boot prompt “Please obtain authorization”
If this error message appears, you can log in PC Suit upgrade tool on networked computers, suggesting Obtain authorization successfully will appear automatically after a successful login. If this serial number to determine the corresponding Autel ID, you can contact technical support queries.

Six, DS708 card in the boot page and unknown error message
Encounter such problems, please try to restart the machine, can not be solved if the restart, please copy the operating system(NK) to SD card root directory, and then boot. If the operating system after heavy firing still can not boot, boot error please send us the pictures or videos.

Seven, customer feedback machine can not measure the car how to do?
1. If a feature is not supported by a car tips or communications failure, it may be software does not support or steps, the best datalog direct upload to the server directly from the R & D engineers analyze data solutions. Please note that the states must upload data models, model year, VIN code, description of the problem. To query the bug to resolve the situation, please tell us uploaded datalog the machine serial number and model, VIN code.
2. If all the software on the machine can not test, please check the physical connections, especially to check whether the test mainline OK.
3. If all the cars are not a software test, check the car connector, can also be directly re-install the software.

Eight, DS708 boot error: GetSysInfoFromRegTab () failed error
Phenomenon: Some older operating system upgrade from DS708 V6.31 to V6.33 may result in the above error can not boot.
Workaround: Post this program(scan) to the customer. SD card catalog to find this scan_arm.exe scan files, replace this program within the SD card application attachment, can reboot….