Launch Thinkdiag VS Thinkdiag Mini VS Thinkdriver

Launch X431 OBD2 Bluetooth diagnostic tools comparison: Thinkdiag, Thinkdiag Mini and Thinkdriver, which one is the best? Thinkdiag Thinkdiag Mini Thinkdriver IMG Price €83.00 (UK ship No Tax) €70.00  €61.00 Form dongle+ App dongle+ App dongle+ App Language Support 9… Continue Reading

VXDIAG VX Manager V1.8.0.0814 Update Guide

VX Manager has been updated to V1.8.0.0814. All VXDIAG devices (e.g SP238-W, SP239) need to update, otherwise it cannot use normally. The correct update order: update VX Manager-> firmware & device driver->authorization Very important!!! If your VX Manager previously installed… Continue Reading