V48.88 SBB pro2 key programmer free download: 2019.1 cars ok

SBB pro2 V48.88 key programmer ISO free download to works with 2019.1 cars, feedback, car list for European, American, Australian and Japanese cars etc.   SBB pro2 key programmer ISO free download: https://mega.nz/#!dExlgYKQ!Ykhr8Y8gHNiVLrWFbkCc2UJZ6xRFClOlB-LW_RNGnTw Software Version: V48.88 Works with Toyota, Honda and Ford till Year… Continue Reading

35160WT mileage correction with Yanhua 35160 / 35080 Emulator

Using one single Yanhua 35160 / 35080 simulator, 35160WT EEPROM mileage adjustment can be successful. This post offers step by step operation procedure. Source: http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/yanhua-bmw-35080-35160-programming-emulator.html Yanhua 35160/35080 Programming Emulator testable EEPROM models: M35080/M35080-3/M35080-6/M35080V6 /M35080VP/080DOWQ/080DOWT/160DOWQ/ 160DOWT/35160WT EEPROM.   Youtube Video guide:  … Continue Reading