35160WT mileage correction with Yanhua 35160 / 35080 Emulator

Using one single Yanhua 35160 / 35080 simulator, 35160WT EEPROM mileage adjustment can be successful. This post offers step by step operation procedure. Source: http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/yanhua-bmw-35080-35160-programming-emulator.html Yanhua 35160/35080 Programming Emulator testable EEPROM models: M35080/M35080-3/M35080-6/M35080V6 /M35080VP/080DOWQ/080DOWT/160DOWQ/ 160DOWT/35160WT EEPROM.   Youtube Video guide:  … Continue Reading

CG Pro V2.1.0.0 software free download

CG Pro V2.1.0.0 software update free. Just click on the official site http://www.cgprogcar.com/en/, then “Download”, then find out “CG-Pro V2.1.0.0” to download. This official update is applied to the original CG Pro, like this one: http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/cg-pro-9s12-freescale-programmer.html   CG Pro V2.1.0.0 (2019.03.02): Can… Continue Reading