Backup & Restore BMW Codes Review:VVDI2 vs ACDP vs CGDI BMW

How to back up and restore BMW FEM coding data? We know it’s a precaution if we lose the coding while adding a key to the vehicle. Users show their own choices on the job: VVDI2 Yes, Yanhua Mini ACDP Yes and CGDI BMW Yes.

1. Xhorse VVDI2 Software: Yes, in car

BMW>>Key Learn>>FEM/BDC key learn>>Get key info
“Backup Coding” – read and save the coding file.
“Restore Coding” – load the file we saved before.

Good to know:
Simple and clear Interface.

2. Yanhua ACDP: Yes, in car

BMW>>FEM/BDC>>IMMO/Mileage>>OBD detect FEM/BDC
BMW>>FEM/BDC>>IMMO/Mileage>>Add key>>FEM/BDC initial programming process>>Manual single step operation

Good to know:
Within key info I can check the key frequency which is 434. That’s quite different from other tools. Automatically turn on the ignition and read & save data.

And it tells me clearly if ACDP supports key programming for this model and in which way it works.
“Whether the FEM/BDC support preprocess: YES” – it supports add key
“Have the FEM/BDC support preprocessed: NO” – support On-bench, doesn’t support OBD mode.

3. CGDI BMW MSV80: Yes, in car

FEM/BDC Key Match>>”Yes” to “Update ECU”>>(Automatic backing up)
FEM/BDC Key Match>>”No” to “Update ECU”>>Recovery code

Good to know:
Once I confirm to pre-process which allows key programming, it back up coding file automatically.

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