Digiprog 3 OBD odometer correction review: Good price and well worth the money

Here, I’d like to do a test report of Digiprog 3 china clone i’ve got from China. Hope it’s helpful.

  1. W204, 320 cdi, 2007 year 
    by obd read mileage right, after writing show old mileage,
    not work. I thing must with can blocker, but I not try.

    2. Golf 6 2.0 TDI 2009 MY,   HW: 5K0 920 870 C
    KOMBI                                       H21 0029
    Software Coding:                        170B00
    Work Shop Code:                        WSC 01357 011 00200
    ASAM Dataset:                            EV_Kombi_UDS_VDD_RM09 A04020 (VW36)
    ODO R/W ok BY OBD

    3.VW POLO 6R 2009
    Control Module Part Number:  6R0 920 861 A    HW: 6R0 920 861 A
    KOMBI         H23 0110
    Software Coding: 140200
    Work Shop Code: WSC 124697 483 00190
    ASAM Dataset: EV_Kombi_UDS_VDD_RM09 A04040 (VW25)

    R/W OK
    Done successfully i 2 min. by OBD


  1. Mercedes SLK R170 2002 – ok but
    I could correcti the mileage and everything went fine (the tacho showed the corrected mileage). I drove the car for a few miles. Everything ok. But next day i wanted to correct the mileage again, but no success. Digiprog showed a completly different mileage as it is in the tacho. So the first try was successful and tacho works fine, but i can’t change the mileage with digipro 3 anymore. Strange…


  1. VW GOLF IV TDI 66KW my 2000 OBDII
    – Shows this massage: (0xFFFF start backwards)
    – Just confirm, it took one hour but ODO OK


  1. Honda Civic EU 1.4 DSI y2008

I tried and my digiprog 3 ver 4.94 and supported Honda Civic EU 1.4 DSI y2008 by clips.

I Had problem with cluster, but it was my error with solder 93C76 becase solder mask – clear laquer was very hard and my 93C76 soldered no stick to contact. I have dump my 93C76 by digiprog 3 (odo 113172 km), I put for you dump for Honda Civic 8 EU 2008 y, 1.4 DSI with manual gear, Does anybody want ? I downloaded file from digi only as 93C86 because eetool.exe doesn’t support 93C76,I add my dump from my unit ( digi read it as 93C76, and writed to eeprom as 93C76, but for download from digi to pc I have to reopen it file on digi, change on 93C86 save as 93C86 and than download to pc by eetool.exe). digi readed odo 113172 km as 115616 km but after change mileage was all ok, but digi show it with a little deviation, but it was all ok


  1. VW Caddy 2009 year with DSG via OBD tacho and ECU – ok
    DSG only reset I donn’t write new odo I don’t write DSG reset to 0 km – tell me it is ok , or 0 km to DSG can do problem by later ( I don’t now bloked gear examply or other problem ) or mayby 0 km in DSG is ok, advice my mate please

    I work with digiprog 3 ver V4.94 with VW caddy 2009 year


The link to Digiprog 3 full kit:


A good price. Well worth the money.