GM TCM & Transfer Case Programming/Coding with SPS & TIS

Here is the tutorial on TCM & Transfer Case coding/programming for Chevrolet Suburban 2015 by MaxiFlash JVCI and Autel IM608 with SPS and software Global TIS.

Difference between Programming and Coding:

1)Flash Programming
Install a new blank module in your vehicle from dealers
Buy and download software to PC from manufacturers
Pass the data into the ECU from PC to vehicle via J-box.

After Flashing/programming, match or configure components directly from your scanner.

1. Flash Programming
Start “SPS”.
Click “J2534 Tool” “Reset J2534 Tool” “Replace and Reprogram ECU” and Next.

Then we have some preconditions.

Go on and select vehicle info and our JVCI – (Autel MaxiIM IM608) MaxiFlash JVCI J2534 ECU Reprogrammer. (You can use other J-boxes like WIFI GM MDI, WIFI GM MDI2, VXDIAG VCX NANO for GM/Opel etc.)

Here your JVCI will blink, communicating with your vehicle. (If it shows E4399/E4403 error, the possible reason is communication loss)
Then scroll down to “Transmission Control Module”.

Confirm some info and start Flash Programming, typically it takes less than 5 minutes.

Then repeat again and select “Transfer Case Control Module” to flash it.

2. Coding
1)Transfer Case Module Coding
Turn on Autel IM608. (Other scanners are okay as well)

Go to
Diagnostics>>Auto detect
After confirming car information, we enter the main menu.


Diagnosis>>Control unit>>Transfer case control module>>Special function>>Range actuator learn
Follow the instruction.

2)Transmission Control Module Coding
Back to main menu.


Diagnosis>>Control unit>>Transmission control module>>Special function>>Transmission adaptive pressure reset
Here we need to start our vehicle to check if it’s correct.

Click on “Reset” if it’s done.

Alright, that’s how we flash/code Transmission Control Module(TCM) and Transfer Case Module.

Hope this article is helpful.
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