FGTECH FW 0475 EU Version install on win7 and read write ECU data

Firstly install FGTECH Galletto 2 FW 0475 EU Version on a win7 computer, then open “EOBD2 by F.g. technology 2012” to read, write ECU data for cars, trucks, motorbikes, tractors etc. Galletto 2 FW 0475 can also cover Tool Boot, BDM JTAC. Finally perform Renault Megane ECU reading, writing and checksum for example.


Part 1: FGTECH Galletto 2 FW 0475 EU Version install on win7
Open the folder “Program”, then open “V54 for 0475” to install fgtech v54 on Win7. 

Copy “EVO.dll” and “mfc42.dll”

Right click on “icona.ico” on the desktop, select “Properties”, select “Open file location”.

Paste the “EVO.dll” and “mfc42.dll” to replace the same one.

Right click on “EOBD2”, choose “Properties”.

Select “Compatibility”, tick off “Run this program in compatibility mode for”.

Click on “Yes”.

Open device management, wait until the computer read out “FGTECH”, right click on it and choose “Update the driver program”.

View the computer to check the driver program (option 2).

Now you can find out USB FGTECH Driver.

Information: Windows Vista or above detected, making a second path.

Open “EOBD2 by F.g. technology 2012

Click “Help“,  you can get many user manual for reference.

For example, BDM MPC5xx user manual is very detailed on how to do step by step.

And JTAG MPC55XX user manual is also available.

Part 2: FGTECH Galletto 2 V54 read and write Renault Megane ECU successfully.
FGTECH Galletto 2 V54 can work with many cars, also some trucks, some Tractor Marine, some Motorbikes, it has “Tool Boot” and “BDM / JTAG” options etc.

Here I’d like to show how to read and write Renault Megane ECU successfully.

Operate data reading…

Reading ok and save as “Can clip ecu”.

End of read, turn the dashboard off.

Click on “Open File” to open “Can clip ecu” on the desktop.

Writing ECU…

End writing…OK

Turn the dashboard off and back on, then wait for 10seconds before continuing


Turn dashboard on…

Read warning…

ECU reading ok


That’s all



FGTECH FW 0475 EU Version installation will cost a little time, but after you get it done, it will be easy to read, write ECU data and also do checksum.