Ford Diagnostic Scan Tool: VCM IDS3 VS VCM2 IDS OBD2

2016 VCM IDS 3 and VCM 2 IDS are both very good OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Tool for Ford cars. Here are the differences and similarities between 2016 VCM IDS 3 and VCM 2 IDS.

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Features & functions



Image  ford-vcm-iii-ids3-diagnostic-scan-tool  vcm-ii-diagnostic-tool-for-ford
Price €279(8% discount) €119 (8% discount)
Version Ford Version: V102.01A

Mazda Version: V100.00

IDS V100.01(only support Ford Cars)
Update Via CD Via CD
Language 29 species 11 species
O.S. Windows XP(SP2 or later),win 7 , win 8 and win 10 Windows XP or few WIN7
Vehicles covered all Ford and Mazda up to 2016 year Ford cars till year 2014 via OBD2 port
***Functions*** Scan tool Diagnostics Automatic vehicle recognition
reprogramming for all Ford vehicles Read & Clear DTCs
reprogramming for all Mazda vehicles Read Live Data-stream
Immobilizer &

Program New smart key:

All ford vehicles & All Mazda vehicles (Include all functions of original VCM/IDS)

Guided Fault Finding
New Software Re-flash for Existing ECUs
Program New Keys
Injector Coding
Set, Adjust or Remove Speed Governors
 DPF Regeneration
 Brake Bleeding
Steering Angle Resets
 All Other Dealer Functions
***Conclusion*** Same point: Both VCM IDS 3 and VCM2 IDS can use with the same software, the functions are also basically the same.


Difference: Hardware and driver is different and VCM IDS 3 is more expensive than VCM2 IDS. VCM IDS 3 can work on Mazda cars but VCM2 cannot.