How to Calculate the Key Data by Lonsdor K518ISE

With Lonsdor K518ISE, users are able to calculate the car key data by their own. This function now could use in Volvo, Maserati etc. The more will come after test.

Lonsdor K518ISE Calculate Key Data Guide:

1.Click on, choose English or Chinese as you like.

2.Fill in the email and password (the one you registered K518ISE)

3.Select the product “Lonsdor K518ISE”

4.Select the car brand you want to calculate the key data, for example. Volvo.

5.Choose the key style, for example the non-folding key which is the common key of S40, C30, C70.

6.Start to calculate the key data

1). Enter the serial number of Lonsdor K518ISE that you are using.

2) Select the car model i.e. S40, C30, C70 etc.

3) Enter the right No.(2) data, then the left NO.(1) data.

4) Submit.

Tip: read the “Help” file at the bottom for the instruction,

7.After submit, the system will automatically calculate the key data and the page will automatically refresh until the result displays.

Tip: If it is fail to calculate the key data, please check again the step 6 to make sure whether the it is right.

8.Lonsdor K518ISE calculate the key data of Volvo successfully, click on “Download data”, and enter the corresponding folder by following the “Operating guide”.