Yanhua Mini ACDP with Module 19 Clone SH725XX Gearbox No Soldering

Yanhua ACDP module 19 is newly designed to work with Mini ACDP for SH725XX gearbox clone no soldering, no risk. It supports a wide range of gearbox clones, including all ZF 8HP, VW/Audi DQ380/DQ381 0DE, Mercedes-Benz 9GT (VGS-NAG3), and BMW 7 speed dual clutch (GETRAG 7DCT), and BMW 7 speed dual clutch (TEMIC DKG) gearbox.
yanhua module 19 sh725xx

How to use Mini ACDP with module 19?

Mini ACDP module 19 SH725XX gear clone module comes with the following goods.
1pc x SH725xx-0DE Interface board
1pc x SH725xx-9GT Interface board
1pc x SH725xx-8HP Interface board
1pc x SH725xx-7DCT Interface board
1pc x BMW-DKG Interface board
1pc x PTCU adapter
1pc x TCU cable
1pc x PTCU cable
yanhua module 19 package

1.Connection diagram:
zf 8hp connection diagram

2.Gearbox clone operation guide:

1).For all ZF 8HP & BMW 7- GETRAG 7DCT & BMW 7- DKG gearbox
Path: BMW -> EGS-> 8HP Clone (Supports All Chassis)/ 7DCT300 clone (Supports F Chassis) / DKG clone (Supports E /F Chassis)-> Identify-> Full Backup Data-> Full Write Data

2).For Mercedes-Benz 9GT (VGS-NAG3) gearbox
Path: Benz -> Gearbox clone/ refresh -> choose a class to click on “NAG3”, there is not only Sprinter Class and V class -> VGS_NAGS (9GTronic) -> Identify -> Full Backup Data -> Full Write Data

3).For VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda DQ380/DQ381 0DE gearbox

  • VW -> Gearbox Clone -> VW/Audi/Skoda -> DQ380 (0DE) or DQ381 (0DE) -> Identify -> Full Backup Data -> Full Write Data
  • VW -> Gearbox Clone -> Seat -> DQ381 (0DE) -> Identify-> Full Backup Data-> Full Write Data

4).For Jaguar Land Rover ZF_8HP gearbox
In addition to the BMW path mentioned above, you also can do as follows.

Path: Jaguar /Land Rover -> Gearbox Clone -> Defender/Discovery/Discovery Sport/ Range Rover/ Velar -> ZF_8HP -> Identify-> Full Backup Data-> Full Write Data

APP menu screen display reference: https://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/yanhua-acdp-sh725xx-gearbox-clone-module-19.html

Please kindly notice:
Make sure all the devices connections are proper, and don’t cut the power or pull out the device during the operation.

The test:
Gearbox type: BMW 7-dual-clutch (TEMIC DKG)
Connect Mini ACDP, Yanhua ACDP module 9 and gearbox properly as below

Go to BMW -> EGS -> DKG Clone (Supports E /F chassis)-> DKG436_Gen2 (TC1784)

Step 1: Identify
Start connecting devices, testing network and loading hardware program
Make sure Mini ACDP and the gearbox have been connected properly
During the read/write data process, it is forbidden to unplug or plug the device and keep the device connected to internet.

Identify the system info successfully

Then the data file is backed up automatically

Step 2: Full Backup Data
It reads the system info again and takes about 40s to read chip data.
When the chip data has been read out, then go to save the file

Step 3: Full Write Data
Disconnect Mini ACDP module 19 and the original gearbox, then connect to the new gearbox
Read the new chip data

Select the original chip data file to write in and wait the process to be done

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