How to Cut Tubular Keys by Alpha Automatic Key Cutting Machine

In this article, I will introduce two ways to cut Tubular Keys by Alpha Automatic Key Cutting Machine:

Decode original key

Fix original key and decode original key to get bitting numbers.

The original key can open cylinder.

Click “ Tubular” button and select “R.O.C” and “879 7 cut”.

Fix original key on S3 jaw( Tubular Keys jaw).

Click “ decode “button to start decoding

Decode is done.

Duplicate original key

Click on “ duplicate” and select “ Tubular”.

Press the image to start duplicating and wait the duplicate process is done.

Take out original key and fix a new key blank on S3 jaw.

Click on “ cut “ button to start cutting.

Cutting is done, take out the new key from the Alpha Automatic Key Cutting Machine.

You can see, the new key is working very well.