SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine fully replace Miracle A9 HALF Cheaper

Here comes the ALL-NEW €2,279 SEC-E9 CNC Automatic Key Cutting Machine to fully replace the €5,000 Miracle A9! SEC-E9 is half cheaper than Miracle A9 but work totally SAME!

Top reasons you should get SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine?

  1. Support to cut so many key types: plain milling key, face milling key, Ford Allen key(F021), Jaguar and LDV keys Stiletto key and Cylinders key
  2. Cut both vehicle key and house key: car keys, motorcycles keys, truck keys, household keys, punch keys, tubular keys, dimple keys, single sided keys
  3. Support key missing teeth inquiry
  4. Cut new key even if the original keys lost
  5. Upgrade online lifetime free, no need to turn to factory
  6. Support multi languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Czech
  7. Embedded 7 inch LCD touch screen


How use SEC-E9 to cut Toyota TOY43 key by search key blank?

Power on SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine, click the “Search” button on main menu. You can enter the “Key Blank Search” section.

Input “TOY43” to search the key blank, click the “Search” button and choose “SLICA”.

Choose “TOY43 (903) [10]” option.

Click the “Menu” and “Info” button to get key basic info.

Click “Decode” button to enter decoding page.

Click “Round off” button, you can know how to put the new key blank on clamp 1.

Click “Decode” button to start key decoding.

After that take away the original key and put the new key blank on clamp.

Click “Cut” button, select “Speed” then “Normal Resolution”.

Click “Cut” to start key cutting.

Wait it finish, clear the key blank and test if it’s working as the original.

How use SEC-E9 Automatic Key Cutting Machine to cut Schlage key?

Click “Standard” button on main menu. Choose “Schlage” and “All Schlage”.

Select correct key model number and space.

Click “Decode” and pay attention to screen guide to fix the clamp correctly.

Put the original Schlage key to decode.

Then replace the new blank key blade, click “Cut” button to cut.

Wait it complete. New Schlage key cutting finish!