BMW 2014 HP4 Motorcycle All Key Lost Programming

This post show you how to do BMW 2014 HP4 motorcycle all key lost programming by KTAG and TMpro.

You need:


Device: KTAG, TMpro

Car:2014 BMW Motorcycle

Main Process:

  1. Read engine ecu data
  2. Write the startup key

Read engine ecu data

  1. Remove the engine ecu computer and read its data with ( Because the ktag is equipped with a bosch probe holder, the probe adapter can be directly pressed to the ecu computer board data interface as long as the rear lid is opened.)

  1. Install the probe→open ktag→ select BMW motorcycle protocol→ select p188 protocol

You can read the data, and the process about 3 minutes.

  1. When the read is complete, ktag prompts to save the file.We can see there are three files.(The number of read-out files varies according to the number of different ecu computers, some of which are read two, and some are three.)

Write the startup key

Use TMpro→ select BMW 109 protocol→Load the first step with the fls read from the ktag

The software automatically displays the blank key position. Put a new 7936 chip into the tmpro programming coil, and then click to write to the chip, you can generate a car chip.