How to Fix Foxflash “There is An Error in XML Document” Problem?

One customer reported that he downloaded Foxflash Manager but he failed to open the software, and received 2 errors “Fetech data: invalid JSON primitive.” and “There is an error in XML document (1, 3).” as shown in the figures below.

foxflash there is an error in xml document solution 1 foxflash there is an error in xml document solution 2

For this problem, engineer gives the following solution:

That’s an operating system issue.

Please change to another computer with Windows 10 64bit O/S.

Then run Foxflash software again with the steps below:

1. Shutdown date and time automatically syncs

2. Shutdown defender

3. Shutdown antivirus system

4. Run foxflash manager and click the active button

5. Keep the manager run

6. Run Foxflash software


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