(Solved) Foxflash Value is Not Valid/Application Unable to Start/Error Occurred While Downloading File

Here are three new problems and solutions for Foxflash ECU Programmer.



Problem 1: Value of 25/9/2022 is not valid for “Value”

foxflash value is not valid solution 1

Problem 2: The application was unable to start correctly

foxflash value is not valid solution 2

Problem 3: An error occurred while trying to download file

foxflash value is not valid solution 3


The solutions offered by eobdtool.co.uk engineer:

  • For problem 1

Have already installed the Foxflash manager and foxflash software on windows 10, but it appears Value of 25/9/2022 is not valid for “Value” error, and cannot select driver.

foxflash value is not valid solution 4



This is a software installation error.

Windows date & time make sure automatic is not active.

Delete the old software folder, and reinstall software with all antivirus disabled.

Also make sure Microsoft C redistributable is installed.


  • For problem2 & problem 3

Have problems in downloading update/documents within FoxFlash Manager App such as it stops midway



Step 1: Make sure your email address is correct.

Step 2: Try to install the following patches depending on your windows environment.

For both Win7 32bit and 64bit:

Win7 patches



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