(Solved) FoxFlash Software in Gray Cannot Select Driver

One customer gave feedback that he had installed foxflash software, but when he opened the software, all operation options were in gray and nothing happened when clicked.

foxFlash sofwtare in gray cannot select driver solution 1


The engineer of eobdtool.co.uk analyzed the problem and gave the solution below.

Make sure you have connected your foxflash ECU programmer to both power and USB. Please have Foxflash Manager (APP) running with “Active” button showing “Activated” before opening Foxflash (testing software). Both two programs must be opened.

foxFlash sofwtare in gray cannot select driver solution 2


If the problem still appears, close all programs. Go to windows Time& date settings, and de-select automatic time update, then reselect. Open Foxflash Manager and click “Active” button. Do not close Foxflash Manager, not open Foxflash.


Customer’s feedback:

That’s true! It won’t work because I only run Foxflash and forgot to run Foxflash Manager APP. Works now! Thanks!


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