How to Perform Guided Functions for VW on Launch X431 PAD V?

One of the main functions of Launch X431 PAD V is guided functions. This function is compatible with Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, etc. Here will share how to perform the ‘A/C Compressor first run’ and 'DSG Transmission Basic Setting' by using the Guided Function on X-431 PAD V.

Car model: VW PASSAT 2013

1.A/C (Air COND) Compressor First Run

Go to Local Diagnose>> European>> VW>> Guided Functions
Complete the vehicle info incl. vehicle type, year, model and engine type, then click “Start”
vehicle basic characteristics

Select 08 Climate Control Module>> Guided Functions
x431 pad v guided functions

Set the model manually

Then select 08- A/C Compressor First Run, (Repair Group 87)

Follow the on-screen instructions to operate step by step.

  • Connect the diagnostic link connector (DLC) to the vehicle
  • Switch the ignition on
  • Activation or deactivation of A/C Compressor First Run
  • Implementation A/C Compressor First Run
  • Query event memory

Confirm which component has been replaced (e.g option 2)

Prerequisites for starting the basic setting A/C Compressor First Run
Start engine and let it run at idle, then switch the blower on
When the A/C Compressor First Run was activated, confirm if the basic setting of the flaps have been performed.
Start the A/C Compressor First Run
Note: The A/C Controls remain locked until the A/C compressor First Run is ended.

Perform A/C Compressor First Run
A/C Compressor First Run ended, and the status is basic setting routine finished correctly.
Finally, query the event memory: No event is listed in the event memory of the A/C control module J301.

The result: The test program of the A/C Compressor First Run was performed successfully by X431 PAD V diagnostic tool.

2.DSG Transmission Basic Setting

After changing DSG transmission, DSG clutch pack, DSG mechatronic, DTC- P175F00, transmission basic setting does not perform. These Launch X431 professional diagnostic tools are good choices to be used to perform the function, such as X431 Pro V4.0, X431 PRO3, V431 PAD 5, and X431 PAD VII.

Check the report on X431 PAD V firstly

Go to VW>> 08 Climate Control Module>> System List>> Guided Functions

Input the related vehicle info incl. vehicle type, year, model and engine type, then click “Start”
Select 02 Transmission Electronics>> Guided Functions>> 02- J743- Mechatronic, Basic Setting

Read the on-screen instruction carefully, the following steps will be performed:

  • Check DTC memory
  • Display the selection menu of the basic settings
  • Test requirements: Ignition switched on
  • Required tools: None

Pay attention to the note on test program, then go to next step

Click “-2-” to select transmission basic setting
Confirm to execute this function
Check the pre-conditions
Wait the basic settings is running
Perform the basic setting correctly

Wait for the control module shutdown to complete
Finally, test drive


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