Launch X431 PAD V Test Report: Perform Special Function on Different Cars

Launch X431 PAD V is a comprehensive automotive diagnostic tool. It not only supports intelligent diagnosis, local diagnosis and remote diagnosis but also can perform 16 kinds of special functions incl. ELEC. throttle relearn CVT oil pressure calibration, steering angle reset, DPF, ABS bleeding, battery matching, injector coding, etc. Check what it exactly can do from the following test reports.
Launch X431 PAD V

1.Register new ECM VIN for Nissan X-Trail
– Write the VIN to NISSAN X-TRAIL new ECM
(e.g. Nissan X-Trail T32 2017)

Select “Diagnosis” -> “Nissan”-> “Full system diagnosis”-> “The vehicle with 16 OIN”-> “System Selection”-> “Engine”-> “ECM (Engine Control Module)”

Start scanning ECM
Then tap “ECM (Engine Control Module)- Equipped”

Select “Special Function”-> “VIN registration”
Confirm ignition switch is on and engine stopped. Hold these conditions during the procedure.

Select “VIN READ”-> “Input” to input the VIN of the vehicle
Then Select “VIN WRITE”-> “Input” to input the VIN again

Command succeeded
Turn ignition switch off for 10 sec and then turn on to confirm no DTC
VIN write system info

Select “Module information”-> “VIN registration”
The VIN number appears on the screen now. It has been registered successfully.

2.Reset electric throttle relearn for TOYOTA
Select “Reset”-> “ELEC. THROTTLE RLRN”-> “TOYOTA”
Switch ignition on
Read out VIN
Select “Automatic” to read VIN and mode info

Select “Learning Value Reset” to reset all learned values related to engine operation
Read the on-screen instruction and start resetting
Reset learning value successfully

3.EPS (Electronic Power Steering) on BMW 320i (2015) F30
Select “Diagnosis” -> “BMW”-> “Automatically search”-> “Health Report” to read fault codes

Then clear fault code
launch padv clear fault code

Check trouble code again
The EPS fault code still appears
Go to select “Fault Guidance”
Select the related fault code and click “Fault Guidance”

Read the fault guidance carefully and follow it to operate step by step

Read fault code again, now there is no fault code.

4.Calibrate CVT oil pressure on TOYOTA VELLFIRE 2015 after replacing CVT fluid

5.Detective ESP- C15DE-ROAD test active for Mercedes- Benz W211

6.Calibrate Steering Angle Sensor on 2013 Audi A4 2008

Besides, X431 PAD V also can solve Honda Civic fault B2A60-54.
Refer to: Launch X431 PAD V Solved Honda Civic Fault B2A60-54 Static Camera Aiming Incomplete

To be continued…

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