Launch X431 PAD V Solved Honda Civic Fault B2A60-54 Static Camera Aiming Incomplete

After replacing the front windshield for the Honda Civic, you may find a fault called B2A60-54 Static Camera Aiming Incomplete. Use Launch X431 PAD V and X431 ADAS PRO can easily solve this problem.


Vehicle and devices used:

Car model: Honda Civic Type R (2017)

Launch X431 PAD V (X431 PAD 5)

Launch X431 ADAS PRO


Case: Start the car, and the warning lights appear on the dashboard.


Guide to solve B2A60-54 Static Camera Aiming Incomplete fault:

Make sure the connection between launch devices and vehicle is proper

Start to operate on X431 PAD V tablet

1.Perform full diagnosis

Select Local Diagnose-> Asian-> HONDA-> 16 PIN DLC-> General

(Connect the VCI in WiFi mode)

Read out the vehicle info

Go to System and Function

The B2A60- 54 fault code can be found in the System List

Select ADAS Calibration-> ADAS System Scan

Click “Start scanning”

You can see there is a DTC (B2A60- 54) appears on LDW/ACC Integrated Driver Support system (IDAS)


Record or print the ECU ID info read out


2.Read fault code

Select “Read Fault Code”-> Confirm the module info incl. VIN, ECU name/identifier/ SN-> Read out fault code


3.Calibrate IDAS

Select “Special Function”

When executing the following functions, PHEV, FHEV and RLX Hybrid vehicles must be put into maintenance mode for the engine to run. Refer to the service manual for detailed instructions.

Select “Static Camera Aiming” and select the ADAS Calibration equipment (ADAS Pro)

Read the on -screen instructions of calibration required and pre-calibration preparation

Setup the ADAS Pro with the distance

Start the calibration and wait the static camera aiming is complete

Turn the ignition switch off and then turn on

Confirm to save the ADAS report- The calibration result shows success

After that, read fault code again

Now there is no trouble code in the Integrated Driver Support System (IDAS), the fault B2A60-54 Static Camera Aiming Incomplete is cleared successfully.

Finally, full diagnose to check all systems working normally, and all warnings also gone.



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