How to Reset Kess after Internet Update Customer Code C5555 C0000 C5328?

The Kess reset after internet update “repair” solution depend of the serial number.


  1. Have Kess, accidental internet connection after which you get the following info when in ksuite:
    Serial number: K10033818
    Customer Code: blank or C5555
    Grup Code: blank or C5555-grayed out and unresponsive “Protocols” menu
    -grayed out engine/ECU selection



If you have a bricked KESS V2 (fw 4.036 and using sw 2.06 or 2.08) please download THIS pack

Firstly remove the SD Card from the PCB and do a full format using SD Formatter, then do a quick FAT32 format in windows
and then follow the video instruction til 4:14.

After that I successfully used version of software from the link:!zVpmTIQJ!mrvD81IDSC1Xfh2WTy2BBA

Hope I helped someone!


  1. Kess V6.070

Serial Number: L14015743

Customer code: C0000

Group code:C0000


You need new SD card of 4GB. Format new SD card fat 32, plug it in ksuite 2.08, with Update folder of 6.070, launch ksuite and start update. After finish all OK, with 30 to


  1. Kess 6.070

Serial number: L14015743

Customer Code: C5328

Group code: C5328


Replace the Update folder with below one in KSuite and run software internet OFF. It should help you out.

K-TAG Update folder download link:


Best Solution!!!

So the best solution is to buy the online version Kess V2 which won't be blocked after connect to the online

SE137-C1 Kess V5.017 EU Version with best red PCB (with Buzzer) €89.99



UKSE137-B Kess V5.017 online version   €96



SE137-C2 Kess V5.017 Green PCB EU Version Support Online €92.99