How to use Carprog to flash?

I did all the tutorials regarding the flashing of the carprog. I tried the method that I posted to you. It is functional, I just simplified and modify the flashing procedure for that it is simple for the novices (I am one myself).


I just observed and tested the different methods in order to arrive at something simple steps.
1) No need to unsolder AT88SC.
2) no need to lift pin 55 or solder a wire on the pin 55 (according pcp) .
3) the reset is done on a single pin as in the photo.
4) photos of the connector that I made.
I did not put you the flashing procedure (there is a lot of post on this subject). I use the segger software “flash V 4.98” and of course the segger interface jlink .

PS look at the photos and make sure you have the same pcb. have a good flashing.


carprog easy way to flash


Thanks to the member Habbou of for his nice sharing. I can’t help but share with everyone.


If you use Carprog clone to flash, please try at your own luck. To do it well or not, it depends on your skills.


Thanks for Laurance for his sharing again.