How to Use OBDSTAR H108 Calibrate Cluster for Citroen?

It is very easy to use OBDSTAR H108 calibrate cluster for Citroen Canbus by following the message on the screen.


Here we go for steps.

Connect OBDSTAR H108 to the Citroen BSI.


Choose “Cluster Calibrate”.




Choose “BSI”.


Auto select


If auto select fail, choose “manual select”.


Choose “JC BSIO4EV-KOX”.


Switch ignition on


Choose “Read EEPROM”.

Please enter a filename to save, press “ENT” button.


Operation success


Press “ENT” to confirm.

Read Flash…


Press “ENT” to confirm.


Read Flash success.


Press “ENT”.


Press “ENT”.


Press “ENT”.


Enter a new value.





It’s really easy to calibrate cluster for Citroen.